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Factoring Programs for Cargill Invoices

Invoice Factoring for Cargill Invoices Gives You More Than Cash-Flow

If you supply services to or invoice Cargill, Scale Funding offers invoice factoring services that eliminate your wait for payment, and instead pays you same day on your Cargill invoices. Scale Funding provides a same-day advance on your invoices to Cargill and other customers the day that we receive them, and then we do the waiting for you. Meanwhile, you have the working capital you need to meet your goals.

But working capital is not the only advantage to our invoice factoring programs. In addition to cash flow, your company benefits from the following value-added services:

  • A dedicated collector to stay on top of payment status.
  • A designated account administrator to answer your questions.
  • Discounted mailing services to get your invoices to us faster.
  • Flexible financing programs, including month-to-month contracts that change as your business grows.

factoring for cargill invoices

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Cargill, Incorporated


Cargill is an international company that started in the United States but has spread over the years to approximately 70 countries across the globe. The company provides food, agricultural, financial and industrial products to people and companies all over the world. It has 150 years of experience and knowledge that have brought success and improvement in living standards to many people.

factoring for cargill invoices

One of the ways it has done so is by providing job opportunities to its over 150,000 employees worldwide. These employees are not only hard working, but also selfless: they help to improve the state of the communities where people live and work. Although Cargill operates in many countries and in a number of sectors, it is primarily a business-to-business company; therefore, it’s not typically a household name.


Cargill was founded by W.W. Cargill in 1865. His goal was to help farmers prosper by connecting markets and bringing consumers the products they sought.

Ownership and Headquarters

Cargill Corporation is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It is owned by both the Cargill and Macmillan families, who secure 90 percent of the company’s ownership. Over the years the families have seen to it that Cargill has flourished and grown. They have also ensured that the company is under good management and that its executive personnel meet the company’s standards.

Business Model and Strategy

For efficient management, strategic planning and quality output, the company is broken down into sections for specific products and services, which are: agricultural, animal nutrition, bioindustrial, energy and industrial, food and beverage, food service, meat and poultry, beauty, pharmaceutical, transport and risk management. Cargill has seen to it that they have a wide breadth of products for their customers. With research, innovation and development centers, Cargill is able to monitor the world and know exactly what the market needs at a specific location. This has enabled the company to stay at the forefront of emerging customer needs.


Responsible for the company’s strategic direction, talent development and financial performance are the executive team, with Gregory R. Page taking the role of executive chairman. Leigh Anne Baker heads up human resources.

Guiding Principles

  • The company has never gotten into trouble with the law, and it intends to keep it that way. They pay their taxes and adhere to the laws of every country they are privileged to do business with.
  • The corporation is ethical in its conduct and dealings.
  • Cargill ensures that its records are accurate and updated to make good business decisions,  investment plans and to meet its obligations.
  • The company treats people with dignity and respect by ensuring that its employees are well taken care of and are working in a friendly environment. They go an extra step to mitigate workplace accidents so that they can remain injury free. Some of the institutions across the globe have injury centers where employees are treated in the event of a workplace accident.
  • The employees of Cargill share a mutual responsibility in overseeing the company’s assets. They believe that the company comes first, before their personal benefits, which could cloud judgment on making sound business decisions. By doing so the company thrives.
  • Cargill impacts billions of people worldwide. With this comes the responsibility of ensuring that their impact is positive all the way through.


With global teams working in several research and development facilities, the company is always at the forefront on information, new technology, niches in the market and how they can manipulate all these to benefit both their customers and the company’s needs.


Cargill engages in building a vibrant community through: economic development, charitable giving, employee volunteerism and partnerships. Its charitable giving exceeded 50 million across 57 countries in 2016. It invests in local communities internationally. It also has a global scholar program that provides financial support and leadership development opportunities to undergraduate students from around the world.


PO Box 9300
Minneapolis, MN 55440