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How can factoring benefit your company?
Get the Cash Your Business Needs Today.

Who Factoring Benefits

Factoring Benefits Companies in a Wide Variety of Industries

For companies in need of cash, accounts receivable factoring is the right choice. Many companies use factoring to maintain consistent cash flow and improve the financial strength of the business. Meeting payroll, adding equipment, taking on more work or paying the weekly bills all become much easier with the reliable cash flow factoring offers.

Companies turn to factoring when traditional financing isn’t an option. Bank loans and bank lines of credit provide cash but can be difficult to manage and increase a company’s debt. The benefits of factoring include a steady source of cash flow without taking on additional debt or obligations. Scale Funding has invoice factoring options which are customized for each company’s unique situation and needs, regardless of their current balance sheet.

who factoring benefitsIndustry Experience and How It Benefits Factoring

Every industry or trade has a distinct way of doing business. Knowing “how things work” is gained from experience and getting the job done right. Scale Funding has over 20 years of experience providing factoring services for companies working in a wide range of industries and trades. With the knowledge and understanding of various markets, the factoring benefits for clients are more than just cash flow. Scale Funding offers many value-added services which can help clients meet their business goals.

Scale Funding clients work in a wide range of industries. Our familiarity with the major companies in these industries comes from years of working on behalf of our clients. Our time-tested relationships and reputation serve our clients well. We view our interactions with our client’s customers as a cooperative partnership. We know our client’s connection with their customers is key. Scale Funding acts professionally and in the best interests of our clients in our exchanges with client customers. This teamwork furthers a strong relationship between our clients and their customers.

The Industries We Serve

Scale Funding takes pride in serving clients from many different industries. The factoring benefits of consistent cash flow and superior customer service give clients the tools to build a successful, long-term business.

Companies paid on a term basis will benefit significantly from factoring. Waiting 30, 60, or 90 days for invoice payment is a huge disadvantage for companies, especially those who need reliable cash flow to work on their next project. Scale Funding has factoring programs customized to meet the needs of each client, no matter the industry or work they do.
telecom and wireless

Telecommunications & Wireless Contractors

Instant communications are part of our modern society. With expanding telecommunications and wireless networks, the need for contractors who can build, maintain, or repair infrastructure is critical. Many telecommunications and wireless contractors use the factoring benefits of cash flow to grow or expand their business opportunities, delivering services that include:

  • Tower Construction
  • Antenna Maintenance
  • Tower Climbers
  • Data Center Structured Cabling and Fiber-Optic Installation
  • Emergency Service Contractors
  • Outside Plant Services
  • And more

heavy construction

Infrastructure and Heavy Construction

Contractors doing infrastructure and heavy construction work depend on regular cash flow to keep their business productive. If it’s drilling a trench on a pipeline project one week, then a cell tower project the next, Scale Funding can get the job done for clients.

  • Building & Bulk Material Handling
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Construction Management
  • Crane & Aerial Lift Operators
  • Grading & Excavating
  • HDD & Trenching
  • Heavy Hauling
  • Site Preparation
  • Vacuum Trucks & Excavators
  • And more



The monumental development and use of technology over the past 20 years has fundamentally changed the way we live. Technology companies have many new opportunities to pursue. Technology companies who use factoring as their source of cash flow are in a much better financial position to take on more work as well as offer superior service to their existing clients. Scale Funding has customized factoring programs for technology companies including:

  • Consultants
  • IT Services
  • Network Administration
  • Software Development
  • Technology Solutions Providers
  • And many others

utility and pipeline

Utility & Pipeline

Utility and pipeline construction is vital to keeping energy and natural resources flowing to consumers. Reliable cash flow is critical for utility and pipeline contractors. Factoring with Scale Funding benefits utility and pipeline contractors who depend on the cash for their daily work. Scale Funding offers factoring services for utility and pipeline contractors such as:

  • Pipeline Construction
  • Maintenance & Rehabilitation
  • Utility Line Work
  • Sewer & Water Main Construction
  • Plus more

oilfield financing

Oilfield Services

With the changing nature of the oil and gas industry where cash flow is more critical each day, factoring is the lifeblood for many oilfield services companies. Factoring offers cash flow for equipment repairs, fuel, material, supplies and more. Scale Funding has funded oilfield services companies for over 20 years. Our knowledge, along with our experience, benefits oilfield services providers in the United States and Canada.

  • Well Site Preparation
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Logging & Testing Services
  • Water Haulers
  • Roustabouts
  • Plus many more

trucking and freight

Trucking & Freight

The hauling and delivery of goods are what keeps the economy going. Trucking and freight companies use factoring to meet their daily cash needs. Whether its fuel, insurance, payroll or emergency repairs, factoring keeps the wheels turning for fleets such as:

  • For-hire carriers
  • Flatbed fleets
  • Tankers
  • Intermodal
  • Specialty Carriers
  • And more

renewable energyRenewable Energy

Solar, wind, and water renewable energy is growing. With the increased demand for work, renewable energy contractors and companies need steady cash flow to keep up with demands. Accounts receivable financing helps them accept and win new contracts by providing them with instant cash on their invoices.

staffing agencies

Staffing & Employment Agencies

Many staffing agencies and employment firms use accounts receivable factoring as their choice of financing. Because of longer pay terms on most staffing contracts, cash is critical. Cash flow from factoring allows agencies to meet their weekly payroll requirements, while meeting the financial needs of the company. Staffing agencies who benefit from factoring include:

  • Administrative
  • Clerical
  • IT-Technology
  • Light Industrial
  • Medical
  • Plus others

financing for other industries

Other Industries

Accounts receivable factoring benefit to companies needing reliable cash flow. Scale Funding has worked with companies from many industries and crafted customized factoring programs that met the unique needs of the business. These made-to-order factoring programs enable these companies to build financial strength along with a strong business.

  • Apparel
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Wholesale
  • And many more