Accounts Receivable Management

Ease the burden of collecting on overdue invoices.

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A/R Management Services

Our A/R management team is committed to finding the most effective way to work with slow-paying debtors. We strive to build trust by demonstrating that we're here to work with them, not against them. Instead of resorting to aggressive tactics, we work diligently and respectfully with the right individuals to help them stay current on their obligations. 

We know the value of good customers.
We know the value your customers bring to your business, and we work hard to maintain the best possible relationship with them, even when they need to catch up on their payments. Invoice factoring with Scale Funding is not just a service; it's a partnership that extends to developing healthy relationships with your customers.


We know your industry

Every industry has unique billing and payment processes. We know how to get invoices paid.


We manage relationships and receivables

Our clients work with common customers. We've built long-standing relationships with those companies, enabling us to resolve issues quickly.


We have years of receivable management experience

The Scale Funding A/R management team uses their knowledge and experience to identify issues early, and prevent trouble down the road.

“Business has been smooth with Scale Funding, and I look forward to a continued relationship with them.”

Sarah B.

"We loved Scale Funding. Their team helped us handle the first bumps in the road and the on-boarding process was smooth. Our account representatives were fantastic and provided excellent personal attention."

Tom Rogers - staffing agency owner

"I highly recommend Scale Funding for factoring. Their customer service is reliable, honest, and easy to work with."

Marco Freight and Logistics Company owner

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Factoring Can Help

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Serving the entire U.S. since 1994

Since 1994, Scale Funding has provided finance solutions to businesses in a variety of industries all across North America. Our accounts receivable factoring solution provides a steady cash flow small and mid-size businesses, allowing them to succeed and grow their company.

  • Client success at Scale

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Answering Your Accounts Receivable Questions


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