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Actionable, Reliable HR Advice

Scale Funding provides complimentary HR support to all its customers. Scale Funding’s HR On-Demand gives you anytime access to online tools and documents, as well as live advice from our team of certified HR advisors.

Our HR Advisors can help you save thousands in HR costs and penalties


The potential cost of a single bad hire due to lost productivity, rehiring, onboarding, and training expenses.


The potential penalty for wage & hour a violation under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else but Scale Funding. Outstanding service and prompt delivery of funds.”

Jack D., Business Owner

"I highly recommend Scale Funding for their excellent support during my startup phase. Their onboarding process helped protect my company and they continue to be a great partner in funding."

David - staffing agency owner

"I had an excellent experience with Scale Funding. My account representative is very helpful and prompt in fixing any issues with our funding. Scale Funding is dependable and our funds are always in our account."

Linda Jessee – Business Owner

How WE Can Help

Common Issues that our HR Advisors Help Solve

Image in envelope
We received a complaint about harassment. How do we respond?
Check list
Does an I-9 form need to be updated when an employee has a name change?
People holding hands
Should we ban romantic relationships in the workplace?
Person on computer screen
How do I keep an employee at-will but require them to give notice before leaving?
Person and a checklist
Can the same person be both an employee and an independent contractor?
Can an employer legally make their employees use their accumulated vacation hours?

You have enough things to worry about. HR should not be one of them.

Become a customer of Scale Funding and receive our complimentary HR Support Center services.


Reliable advice. Rigorously audited content.
Ridiculously easy to understand.

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