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Discover the transformative impact of invoice factoring with Scale Funding. Qualifying for our factoring services not only boosts your immediate cash flow but also sets the stage for strategic growth and financial stability. By turning your invoices into instant cash, you’re no longer held back by slow-paying customers. Instead, you gain the freedom to invest in new opportunities, cover essential expenses, and plan with confidence. Learn how easy it is to qualify and start leveraging your receivables for the growth you’ve envisioned.


of invoice value funded within 24 hours allowing immediate access to cash for any business need.


average annual growth rate for factoring clients that partner with Scale Funding

Other Industries We Serve

Manufacturing & wholesale

Wholesale & Distribution


Horizontal Directional Drilling

Utility Pipeline Invoice Factoring

Utility/Pipeline Contractors

Invoice factoring for commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning



Manufacturing for consulting


Printing & Fulfillment


Invoice factoring for service companies


Factoring Qualification Criteria

Is Your Business a Fit for Scale Funding?


Consistent Revenue

Ideal for businesses demonstrating steady revenue growth, indicating financial health and scalability

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B2B Invoice Terms

Suitable for companies with B2B invoices on 30 to 90 days terms, seeking improved cash flow.

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Established Customer Base

For those with a reliable customer base, ensuring steady invoicing and predictable cash inflows.


Organized Financial Records

Necessary for businesses that maintain precise, well-organized financial and invoicing records for quick processing.


Flexible Financial Strategy

Open to flexible financial strategies, demonstrating a proactive approach to optimizing cash flow and supporting growth.

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