How Can Factoring Solve Tax Problems?

tax problems

Tax problems are a common issue for many companies. A Tax Lien or Notice of Intent to Levy will have most business leaders in search of cash. Companies with tax liens filed against them will need cash to operate. Often these companies use invoice factoring to maintain positive cash flow.

Scale Funding has accounts receivable factoring lines for companies with tax problems. Accounts receivable financing can provide the necessary cash to resolve tax problems and keep a business operating.

Business loans and business lines of credit aren’t an option for companies with tax problems. When tax troubles arise, banks will often pull any lending lines. Scale Funding has extensive experience in working on behalf of customers to solve tax problems while providing the necessary cash to keep a business up and running.

How Factoring Works to Solve Tax Problems

Accounts receivable factoring is a type of financing in which a company receives a cash advance on their accounts receivables. Scale Funding will provide a competitive advance on the value of the receivables. This money can be used by the client to meet whatever financial commitments they have, including tax problems. Once Scale Funding receives payment on the receivables from the client’s customer, the remaining balance is remitted to the client, less a small fee.

In addition to improved cash flow, Scale Funding provides value-added services including:

  • Online Reporting
  • Customer Credit Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • And More

The highly knowledgeable Scale Funding staff has experience serving clients with tax problems. We work to customize a factoring program which can provide the cash to resolve U.S. IRS, Canada Revenue Agency, state or provincial tax issues, and provide the cash needed to fund normal business operations.

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