Max-ed Out Line of Credit Problems?

Factoring is the Solution for Maxed-Out Lines of Credit

Cash is the fuel companies run on. Having cash on hand when it’s needed is vital to operating a business. With maxed-out lines of credit, cash is no longer available, and a company can come to a grinding halt. Access to immediate cash is why invoice factoring is the solution for maxed-out lines of credit.

Banks set limits on lines of credit, based on the borrower’s credit profile. These limits are monitored closely and can be difficult to adjust. Compared to a bank line of credit, factoring provides companies with a dependable source of cash.  Factoring lines aren’t based on the borrower’s credit but are based on their customer’s credit and ability to pay.

Throughout the United States, many companies use invoice factoring or accounts receivable financing as an alternative to bank lines of credit. These companies use cash from factoring to purchase equipment, take on more work or to keep the business operating efficiently.

business financing with maxed credit

Business Financing with Maxed Credit Through Invoice Factoring

Bank lines of credit are useful financing options for many companies. But for many companies, securing an adequate line of credit can be a challenge. What happens when the line is maxed out or reduced because of tighter lending policies? Cash is no longer available and the business suffers.

If you need alternative business financing with maxed credit, factoring may be the ideal solution. A factoring line is based on the work your company does.  Factoring with Scale Funding will provide a competitive advance on the value of your invoices. You use this money as you see fit; buying supplies, making payroll, whatever your business requires. Once we collect on the invoice from your customer, we’ll send you the remaining balance, less a small fee. Factoring enables you to use the money that’s owed to you much sooner, and you don’t take on more debt.

Factoring Experience in Many Industries

Scale Funding offers companies the cash they need when it’s needed. Since 1994, companies from a range of industries and a variety of services have turned to Scale Funding for factoring.  Our industry knowledge and reputation for service have made us a leader in the factoring industry.  Companies searching for an option to maxed-out lines of credit choose Scale Funding.

Accounts-receivable financing and invoice factoring for a pipeline contractor

Industry Expertise

telecom and wireless

Telecom & Wireless Contractors – With the continuous updating and expansion of telecommunication systems and wireless networks, there is a steady demand for contractors for services such as engineering, construction, maintenance and outside plant facilities upgrades. Scale Funding provides factoring for companies doing work such as cell-tower construction, trenching, fiber optic and structured cabling, network engineering, decommissioning and removals, and more. These companies use cash from factoring to complete their projects and take on more work, enabling more aggressive growth.

heavy construction

Heavy Construction Operators – No matter if it’s operating an excavating company, construction management, welding or performing utility locating work, the need for cash is the same.  Scale Funding has experience factoring for clients who do this kind of work. We understand the challenges that come with running these businesses.  Factoring provides the cash companies need to succeed.


Technology Companies – Technology companies are one of the biggest growth industries in North America. IT consultants, data management firms, network services companies and software developers use factoring to cash flow their business. At Scale Funding, we recognize the importance of cash flow to technology services companies.

utility and pipeline

Utility & Pipeline Companies – Scale Funding has experience with all types of utility projects and pipeline construction work.  Pipeline contractors doing construction, inspection and rehabilitation use factoring as a source of cash. Utility contractors, and sewer and water-main construction companies have benefited from the cash flow factoring provides.

oilfield financing

Oilfield Services – Scale Funding is a leader in factoring for oilfield service companies.  Clients work in many segments of the exploration for and production of oil and natural gas.  Oilfield services companies from the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas to the Tar Sands of Alberta use factoring as their reliable source of cash.

trucking and freight

Trucking & Freight – Factoring for trucking fleets and freight haulers are a core part of Scale Funding.  The knowledge and experience of our staff, along with the reputation we have earned for service, make Scale Funding a trustworthy choice for trucking companies interested in exploring factoring.

Renewable energy

Renewable Energy – The Renewable Energy industry continues to grow and thrive. As the demand for clean energy and green energy increases, business and work opportunities for contractors grows as well. Accounts receivable financing is an excellent option for companies in need of immediate cash.

staffing agencies

Staffing Agencies – Factoring has been used by staffing agencies and employment firms for years.  Scale Funding provides factoring lines to many staffing agencies. Clerical, administration, temporary and long-term placement, and medical staffing are some of the types of agencies who have successfully used factoring lines from Scale Funding.

financing for other industries

Other Industries –
 Apparel companies, manufacturers, distributors, printers, advertising agencies, media companies, and many other businesses use factoring as their source of cash.  Scale Funding can customize a factoring line to meet the needs of most any business.

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How Factoring Works

Accounts receivable factoring, also known as invoice factoring, is a form of financing where a company sells its outstanding receivables for a cash advance.  Scale Funding will provide a competitive advance on the value of the receivables.  Our clients use the advanced money as they need. The remaining balance is remitted, less a small fee when Scale Funding receives payment on the receivables from the client’s customer.

In addition to the cash flow, Scale Funding has valuable services which benefit clients.  These services include online reporting, customer credit analysis, accounts receivable management, and more.  The staff at Scale Funding have the expertise and experience to help clients on their road to success.

How to Get Started

At Scale Funding, we know company leaders are focused on driving their business towards success. We understand that taking the attention away from the work at hand is counter-productive. We eliminate complications and offer a speedy setup process.  With Scale Funding, getting set up for accounts receivable factoring is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 – Get a Quote
The initial step in securing a factoring line is to speak with a Scale Funding representative. We’ll discuss your cash flow situation and needs, and we’ll offer a free, no-obligation consultation and quote for a factoring line. Our simple and straightforward underwriting guidelines allow most customers to receive written quotes in 30 minutes or less. All factoring quotes are customized for the specific needs of the client. We’ll work to make certain the factoring line meets your requirements.

Step 2 – Submit Invoices and Related Documents
Once a factoring line is agreed upon, we’ll schedule your first funding. We can accommodate most schedules and offer an expedited service for those in need of immediate cash. During the setup process, we’ll walk you through the agreement and discuss your invoices and any related materials.

Step 3 – Get Cash for Your Invoices
When the set-up process is complete, we fund you via ACH direct deposit or a wire transfer directly into your bank account. From this point forward, each time we receive your invoices, we’ll process and fund you the same day the invoices are received.

Factoring with Scale Funding

As a leading provider of factoring lines since 1994, Scale Funding is the right choice for companies limited by maxed-out lines of credit. If lack of available cash is holding back your business, talk to a Scale Funding representative today and find out how factoring can become part of your success.

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