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Customer Success Services
Value-Added Factoring Services for Long-Term Success

Factoring Resources and Services

Every factoring company provides cash. What separates one factoring service from the next are the extras. At Scale Funding, clients receive same-day cash advances on their invoices. In addition to the complementary services we offer.  Our value-added services are designed to provide customers useful information and resources to build a successful business.

What’s Included in Our Complimentary Factoring Services?

At Scale Funding, we take pride in being part of our client’s success. In addition to cash advances at low rates, our best-in-class factoring services include:

  • Knowledgeable Account Representatives: Our staff is highly-skilled and service-oriented. We have knowledge of and experience in a wide range of industries, are well-versed in industry-specific invoicing requirements and serve clients with unique funding needs. Each client has a dedicated account representative as their go-to person for any questions or concerns. Our accounts representatives are responsive to our clients’ needs and dedicated to their success.
  • Credit Analysis and Risk Assessment: Taking on new opportunities is great for any business, as long as you get paid for the work you do. Scale Funding offers credit histories and payment trends of potential customers, enabling our clients to take on new customers with confidence. Our credit department also monitors credit and pay trends of your current clients so you’re aware of any changes before they affect your business.
  • Treasury Services: Cash when you need it is critical. Scale Funding funds clients via ACH deposit, wire transactions and will fund to third-party accounts by a directive. Online reporting keeps you informed of all transactions.
  • Accounts Receivable Management: Running a business isn’t an easy task. Let us handle the collections on your invoices while you focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. Our professional AR specialists help ensure you get paid for the hard work you do by giving your clients friendly reminders if an invoice goes unpaid.
  • Fuel Cards & Discounts: Scale Funding clients can take advantage of fuel cards and discounts, potentially saving thousands of dollars a year and allocating those funds to other business needs.

How Invoice Factoring Makes a Difference

Factoring services from Scale Funding are part of the foundation of our clients’ success. Delivering top-quality customer service and supporting clients in their work is a Scale Funding priority.

Invoice Factoring with Scale Funding:

  • Factoring programs customized to meet your needs.
  • Factoring lines are contingent on your customer’s credit and payment history, not your own.
  • Factoring lines are determined on your sales volume, not your company’s value.
  • Factoring can be used by companies in challenging financial situations.

Essential Factoring Services:

The core of every factoring line Scale Funding offers is reliable cash flow and professional customer service. On top of that we also provide the following essential factoring services:

  • A Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Same-Day Funding on Invoices
  • Electronic & EDI Invoicing Capability
  • 24/7 Online Reporting
  • Professional AR Specialists
  • Credit Services & Risk Analysis

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