Client Training Tutorials

With invoice factoring, you can get paid faster

Client Training Tutorials

Scale Funding aspires to make the invoice funding process as seamless as possible so you can have the funds in hand when you need it most. We understand that cash flow is the lifeline of your business. Therefore, you have access to 24/7 online reporting. Our reporting is straightforward and completely transparent. You will never be in the dark about where your funds are at any given time.

If you need help reviewing your reports, please refer to the video tutorials below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account representative or give us a call at (866) 219-4858.

Welcome to Scale Funding!

Here at Scale Funding, we like to make sure our clients know that they are supported even when their main contact is out of the office, that is why each department operates as a team.  You can trust that your account is always in capable hands at Scale Funding. In this video we will provide a short introduction to the 3 main teams you will be working with while you are with us.

Once your funding has been processed by Scale Funding, you will be able to view your Purchase and Advance Report. This report gives you the breakdown of which invoices were purchased, held, or denied – listed under Funding Action, the reserve escrow and the amount advanced to you. In this video, I will walk you through the steps to pull your Purchase and Advance Report and briefly explain what each section can show you about your funding.

In this short video, you will learn how to apply every part of your funding to your accounting system.  From the purchase of the invoice, application of the factoring fee, and the return of the reserve.


The most common question any new client has at Scale Funding is “what are my reserves and when will they be available to me?” In this video, I will walk you through the steps to pull your reserve report and briefly explain what each section means ending with what is or is not available.


A perk when funding with Scale Funding is, we handle the collections on your invoices. Our professional AR specialists help ensure you get paid for the hard work you do.

Around the 35-day mark, your AR Manager will reach out via email to request a payment status update. Since Scale Funding has been in the industry for over 20 years, we have many long-term established contacts with most of your customers. People know the Scale Funding name. This short video will walk you through what your collections report looks like and what each list item on the report means.