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A fully-automated treasury department.


Scale Funding treasury services offer you flexibility in terms of how you want funds from the invoices you’re submitting to Scale Funding.

Rather than locking you into a single method, we provide three options that can be used in any combination, and you can change these options as your business needs change.

Funds are available through:

  • Wire transactions for same-day advances
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction for next-day transfers
  • Fuel card transaction to apply funds directly to fuel card account

Making payments easy for your customers.

Scale Funding makes it easy for your customers to pay your invoices and keep cash flow on track. Incoming payments are collected at a secure lock box and transferred directly to Scale Funding so funds are promptly applied to your account. This helps reduce collections and administrative expenses, so we can provide you the best possible rates in the industry.


Treasury Benefits:

  • Fully automated treasury
  • Same-day ACH & wire transfers
  • Complete flexibility in cash flow management

We Factor Invoices for Many Companies including: