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Are you a trucking industry expert!?
Let's see how you did.

Fun Facts About Trucking Quiz Answers

1. What percent of drivers’ wages contribute to the freight trucking costs in the US?

  • 61%
  • 33% – Correct Answer
  • 15%
  • 55%

2. Do you know what a “Kojak with a Kodak” refers to?

  • A traffic sign
  • A cop with a radar gun – Correct Answer
  • A traffic camera
  • Someone with a dash camera

3. If you compiled all the trucks in the US — they would

  • Be one truck short of touching Mars.
  • They would kiss the moon. – Correct Answer
  • They would span across the world one and a half times.
  • There would be enough for every American household to own one.

4. It’s important to think ahead. What item might you need while on the road?

  • A GPS – Correct Answer
  • A sun visor
  • A stove

5. If something happens to your truck, what could be handy to have with you, especially in the dark?

  • A blanket
  • A flashlight – Correct Answer

6. As truckers have lots of different slang, what might a trucker call a cop?

  • A pig
  • A pelican

7. Who might a truck driver call a “bumper sticker”?

  • A tailgater
  • A bad driver
  • A cop

8. This is a trucking term used for a logging truck. What is it?

  • Toothpicks
  • A load of lumber
  • Tree trunks

9. How many days in their career does the average small business truck driver drive?

  • 5019 days
  • 1025 days
  • 2083 days –
  • 3004 days

10. How many miles do truckers who retire late and drive for small to medium-Scaled businesses drive per year?

  • 2083 days
  • 115,000 miles – That sums up to nearly whooping 3 million miles throughout their lifetime.