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Trucking News - US Freight Rates

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Trucking News – US Freight Rates

May 20, 2024 – Courtesy of DAT Trendlines 

May 2024 Freight Rates
 May 20 – May 26 vs. May 13 – May 19APr 2024 vs. Mar 2024Apr 2024 vs. Apr 2023
Spot Market Loads-4.5%+3.8%+6.7%
Spot Market Capacity+7.1%-3.8%-18.9%
Van Load-To-Truck-7.5%+13.2%+38.3%
Van Rates (Spot)-0.1%-0.8%-4.0%
Flatbed Load-To-Truck-10.0%+0.6%+19.6%
Flatbed Rates (Spot)-0.4%+0.5%-6.3%
Reefer Load-To-Truck-20.7%-0.9%+23.7%
Reefer Rates (Spot)-1.9%-1.4%-3.5%
Fuel Prices-1.2%-0.5%-2.4%

Van Freight Rates – May 20, 2024

DAT.com’s May 19th Trendlines Report shows current national van rate averages are at $2.01 per mile, $0.02 more than the April average.

According to DAT, the highest average van rates are in the Midwest at $2.10 per mile. The lowest average van rates are in the East Coast at $1.74 per mile.

DAT reports the current national load-to-truck ratio is 4.93 loads-to-truck, compared to the April average of 3.54. Ratios are highest in the Southern states. The lowest ratios are in the Northern states.

Reefer Freight Rates – May 20, 2024

Reefer freight rates are averaging $2.40 per mile, $0.07 lower than in April. Reefer rates are highest in the West, averaging $2.47 per mile. The lowest rates are in the Northeast, with an average of $1.90 per mile.

National reefer capacity is at 7.91 loads-to-truck, compared to the April average of 4.78 loads-to-truck.

Current load-to-truck capacity shows reefer demand is highest in the Southern states. The Midwest and Northeast states have the lowest load-to-truck ratios.

Flatbed Freight Rates – May 20, 2024

National average flatbed rates are currently $2.53 per mile, $0.01 higher than the April average.

The Southeast has the highest average flatbed rates at $2.67 per mile. The lowest rates are in the West, with an average of $2.27 per mile.

Nationally, load-to-truck ratios are at 19.40, compared to 18.51 in April. Load ratios are highest in the Southeast. The Midwest has the lowest load-to-truck ratios. For more details, visit Dat.com.

*Diesel fuel price map as of May 20, 2024.

Checking fuel prices, the national average diesel price is $3.79 a gallon compared to $4.02 one month ago and is down $0.09 compared to one year ago.

East Coast diesel prices are averaging $3.90 per gallon. The average price in the Midwest is $3.69 per gallon. California diesel prices are averaging $5.05 per gallon.

Change from
 05/13/2405/20/2405/27/24Week AgoYear Ago
East Coast (PADD 1)4.0834.1184.068-0.050-0.130
New England (PADD 1A)4.3054.3054.311+0.006-0.229
Central Atlantic (PADD 1B)4.2714.2724.241-0.031-0.245
Lower Atlantic (PADD 1C)3.9904.0423.979-0.063-0.077
Midwest (PADD 2)3.9494.0113.965-0.046-0.062
Gulf Coast (PADD 3)3.6703.7603.710-0.050-0.166
Rocky Mountain (PADD 4)3.9494.0083.956-0.052-0.148
West Coast (PADD 5)4.6514.7234.702-0.021+0.010
West Coast less California4.1474.2574.218-0.039-0.238

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