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Read the latest oilfield news, including pricing, production, and industry happenings.

Oilfield News – (WTI) Crude Oil Price
Daily Crude Oil Prices

Oilfield News and Information – US Rig Counts

Map of the active drilling rigs as of March, 2024

*Data from March 22nd, 2024, Baker Hughes Report.

Oilfield News – Industry Happenings

Read the latest on what’s happening in oil exploration, drilling, production, and pricing in North America and beyond.

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Oilfield Services Factoring With Scale Funding

Since 1994 Scale Funding has been a source of cash for oilfield services companies and oilfield suppliers. Invoice factoring is a financing solution for business owners to get the cash flow they need to run their companies day in and day out.

Invoice factoring or accounts receivable factoring is simply the selling of open receivables for immediate cash. Scale Funding has the experience, knowledge, and a proven track record of quality factoring services for oilfield companies. To learn more about invoice factoring for oilfield services and oilfield suppliers, contact us or call (866) 219-4858.


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Current Active Drilling Rigs – May 2024

May 31, 2024

Up-to-date Trends and Reports

Factoring for businesses

Client Referral Raffle

May 30, 2024

From March to July 1st, there will be a Referral Raffle in addition to our current referral program, where you earn money for your referral.

Staffing Industry News

May 20, 2024

Staffing industry news and information from across the United States. Keep up to date with all the activity that affects the temporary employment and staffing industry.