10 Logistics Software Options to Consider

No matter what industry you’re in, technology is always changing and advancing, which makes it easier for you to run your business more efficiently. For the transportation industry, logistics software is your solution to do just that. Because this software is made specifically for trucking and freight companies, the features and capabilities help the industry by allowing them to track and get data quickly that can help lower costs, manage loads and run reports to get insights to see areas that may need improvement.

There are many options for logistics software for your trucking company. The number of trucks and drivers and the number of loads you haul can help you decide which type of software is best for your company. If you’re a smaller trucking company, a lite version of a logistics software may suffice. However, if you have multiple trucks, drivers and an abundant amount of loads, it might be wise to invest in a premium version to get the tracking and data to help run your business most efficiently.

logistics software10 Options for Logistics Software

1. 3PL Warehouse Manager

This is a cloud-based warehouse management system that helps manage multiple customers. It also provides real-time information and integrates with other warehouse management solutions for third-party logistics providers.

2. FleetMatics

FleetMatics offers two major platforms, one that focuses on your vehicle and the other on the job.

  • FleetMatics Reveal is designed to help you reduce fuel costs, get more stops in and increase customer satisfaction.
  • FleetMatics Work helps make sure you get paid for everything, reduces paperwork and increases productivity.

Depending on the areas your company wants and/or needs to improve on, one or both solutions might be right for you.

3. Freightview

If you ship less-than-truckload freight, this software will help to gather all negotiated rates so you can easily and quickly compare your options. It also allows you to schedule pickups, prepare bills of lading and track your shipments.

4. GPSTrackIT – FleetManager™

This accounting software was specifically designed for trucking companies. It gives you the ability to communicate with your fleet through two-way mobile communication. It also helps with scheduling not only loads, but also maintenance appointments to help extend the life of your truck.

5. iTracker 3PL WMS

This third-party logistics warehouse management software helps manage and keep track of inventory, billing and shipping needs.

6. Loadtrek

This software helps increase efficiency. Loadtrek helps schedule loads, monitors progress in real-time, generates rates, analyzes data and much more.

7. Tailwind

This logistics software helps trucking and freight companies stay compliant, manage customers and vendors, and aids in the invoicing and billing process.

8. TruckLogics

This cloud-based application has a web version as well as an app. This trucking management software allows you to manage your dispatches, expenses, maintenance, reminders and trip sheets in one convenient location.

9. U Route

Software designed to save you money and time. They’ve created two versions: one focused on shippers and one on carriers.

The shipper version of the logistics software features bid management, real-time tracking, detailed reports and a streamlined process for sending out quote requests.

The carrier version is focused on ways for you to build loads, create customer invoices, manage your equipment and also enhances customer communication with EDI and API integration.

10. UltraShip TMS

This software is designed for large volume shippers to help reduce costs by automating routing, pickup and delivery confirmations, scheduling and EDI transmissions and updates.

Do Your Research

While there are many logistics software brands out there, these are just a few to consider. Be sure to do more research, talk to your network and look at online reviews to see which one meets your business needs the best.

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