Top 10 Websites for Truckers

As the internet has grown over the past 20 years, the number of websites for truckers has grown as well. This has brought a dramatic change to how the trucking industry books freight, shares information, and manages fleets.

Keeping up with the latest in freight availability and industry trends is crucial for successful fleets. Here is a list of 10 websites for truckers and trucking fleets to stay up-to-date on news, industry trends, and business tips.

Top 10 websites for truckers

Websites for Truckers – Industry News

1. Transport Topics

Transport Topics provides current trucking industry news with a “state of the industry” perspective. Transport Topics is useful to follow for information on larger fleets, the truck buying marketing place, and government regulations.

2. Truckinginfo.com

Truckinginfo.com is the online version of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. Its goal is to provide readers with daily news updates and information on equipment, fleet management, safety, drivers, fuel, and more.

3. Truckers News

The Truckers News website has a good variety of current news, as well as great content about the trucking lifestyle. Both fleet owners and drivers will find plenty of useful, relevant content to help them in their daily tasks.

Websites for Truckers – Finding Freight

Finding the best loads is critical to keeping fleets in business. The old days of finding loads at truck stops are long gone. Today, most savvy fleet owners use online load boards to source out freight.  Here are three to look into.

4. DAT Solutions

DAT is a resource for information on freight trends, rates, and availability across the country. Some information on DAT is free, but a subscription is needed to post trucks or freight on the load board.

5. Trucking Planet

Trucking Planet offers a full suite of information for trucking companies. Starting with their load board, members can post freight or trucks and be seen by all viewers of the load board. Additionally, Trucking Planet has member groups for specific freight and location which allow subscribers to reach the right people. Besides the load board, fleet operators will find useful news and information to help their business succeed.

6. Get Loaded

Getloaded is a load board which has been around for almost 20 years. In addition to desktop access, Getloaded also has a downloadable app. The site also contains useful information for new fleet owners and owner-operators.

Trucking Lifestyle Websites for Truckers

7. Fleet Owner

FleetOwner.com is the online home of Fleet Owner magazine. This website not only informs you on trucking industry news, but also helps you stay up-to-date with trucking regulations, safety, technology, and statistics. Fleet Owner also has a fantastic resource center with tips to help your trucking company.

8. RoadKing

The RoadKing website lets truckers connect by focusing on the lifestyles and stories of other truck drivers. From ways to stay fit on the road to traveling with a four-legged friend, truckers will be able to read the stories and connect with other truckers.

9. Truckers Report

Truckers Report is a great resource when it comes to hiring drivers, CDL practice tests, and finding jobs. However, one of the best features on this website is the forum, which allows you to connect with other truckers, just like you, and learn from each other’s past experiences.

Government Websites for Truckers

10. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

FMCSA is the US government home for all things trucking. On this site, fleet owners can apply for or renew their operating authority, keep up with the latest government regulations, and much more. This is a website all fleet owners should bookmark and visit regularly.

Bonus Websites

Hot Shot Trucking Insurance

Hot shot trucking is a form of shipping, that utilizes conventional pickup trucks to move freight from one location to another. This type of business can be profitable, but it is a high risk, for the drivers as well as the shippers who hire these drivers.

Hot shot truckers require sufficient insurance to cover possible injuries (to themselves and others), in addition to various forms of liability. Click here to access information on hot shot trucking insurance options, its costs, and how much coverage is necessary before hitting the road

Scale Funding

We provide trucking industry information, news, trends, and tips to help your business succeed. In addition to information on invoice factoring, you will find diesel fuel pricing, freight trends, and analysis of the trucking market.

Since 1994, we’ve provided cash-flow solutions to thousands of trucking companies across North America through our freight factoring services. To learn more about factoring give us a call at (800) 707-4845 or fill out the form on our website.


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