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How to Keep Your Staffing Agency Motivated

3 Tips to Motivate Your Staffing Agency Team

November 30, 2017

How to Keep your Staffing Agency Team Motivated

The process of keeping agency teams motivated has often been compared to leading a successful sports team. As a leader, your firm will flourish only if your team respects each other and plays off of their strengths. Appreciating the role each member plays is vital to earning the trust of your clients. This is because it ensures that your agency team delivers on even the most challenging assignments.

motivate your staffing agency team

Don’t keep anyone on your team in the dark. Motivate your entire team and see the benefits unfold in many ways.

Recognizing this fact is the secret to keeping your team motivated. Even when one member is struggling in a particular area, the combined expertise of the whole team will be enough to push the group forward. This is why it is advisable to implement motivation techniques for the whole team, and not on an individual basis. This approach is essential to creating strong bonds with your clients, which will ultimately lead to the success of your agency.

Why is motivation important?

Many business leaders today have adopted the mindset that each team member should be able to motivate themselves towards progress. While this is important, it is also true that taking an active role in keeping your employees motivated improves job satisfaction and helps your team grow.

Keeping a group of people driven and excited about the job is not easy, but it is worth it. Motivated teams work harder and stay longer in a position they love. This will do great things for your company’s turnover and productivity, helping you retain talent that actually gets the job done for longer periods of time.

3 Ways to Motivate Your Staffing Agency Team

That said, there is no single way to motivate every employee at once and magically keep them driven throughout their career with you. This is because people are different, with unique ideas, values and temperaments. To inspire your agency team, you have to use different strategies to reach every individual. Here are three proven secrets to keep your team happy and gunning for success.

1. Set the Example

As a leader, one of your top priorities should be setting a great example. This is because the team is subconsciously looking up to you for direction on the company values and work ethic. A failure to do this will have an adverse impact on the group’s collective mentality.

If you are working hard and staying optimistic even in the face of huge challenges, your team will do the same. Setting a positive tone will filter down to the rest of your employees and the workplace culture will become more motivating in turn and you can be more effective as their boss.

2.  Create Opportunities for Advancement

Slogging through the same tasks can get repetitive and boring even for the most driven person. That is what happens when team members stay in the same position for too long. Lack of change – or even the hope of advancement – will stifle your team’s motivation.

However, the reverse is also true. Offering your team opportunities to improve themselves or climb up the ladder will push them into working harder. This is a great argument for promoting from within as opposed to taking on outside experts. Such opportunities are effective at pushing up the overall morale in your agency.

It is also important to note that advancement does not always mean a new job title or salary grade. Providing avenues for your employees to advance their education or learn new things will also keep them motivated. Focus on helping your team grow and advance in any relevant way, as this will keep them excited about working in your agency.

3.  Transparency is Key

It is vital that you foster a sense of transparency in the workplace. You should be able to speak frankly about any aspect of the business, and your team should feel comfortable speaking with you about anything that is on their minds. Not only does this kind of transparency build trust, but it also keeps your employees willing to work harder for you.

Furthermore, transparency is great in facilitating clear communication and a great flow of ideas that will make your agency more vibrant. Such an open-door policy encourages your team to respect your authority, and appreciate your leadership. On the other hand, your team will also feel more appreciated and that their ideas are valued. Over time, it will improve overall team performance.

The Way Forward

Despite this, some members of your team will simply not respond to these tips. That is to be expected because human nature rarely conforms to even the best-laid plans. Keeping that in mind and tracking progress will help you develop the best motivation strategies for your team. Only time will show you what works and what does not. However, a commitment to trying to motivate your staffing agency team will lead to greater dedication, better ideas and improved productivity for your agency.

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