4 Common Temporary Staffing Agency Problems

A temporary staffing agency helps companies and businesses fill positions quickly and for short periods of time. A typical position may last for a day, weeks or a few months, but there can be some obstacles along the way . Here are some of the most common problems facing a temporary staffing agency in 2015.

1. Finding Top Talent & Social Recruiting

According to LinkedIn’s 2016 Global Recruiting Trends Report, 75 percent of professionals consider themselves “passive” candidates – that means the days of post and pray recruiting are long gone. To find top talent, you’ll need to move past simple buzzword searches. Generic skill-based searches will result in plenty of resumes, but not necessarily the right candidate. Use detailed terms that focus on responsibilities like create, manager, design and deliver.

Also, leverage social media. According to jobcast.net, 93% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting, 66% use Facebook and 54% use Twitter. By leveraging social recruiting, you’re able to reach a significantly larger network of talent. Always have a pipeline of candidates ready to go, keep your quality talent in mind for future projects and stay actively connected with candidates.

2. Dishonest & Unresponsive Applicants

Screening applicants takes time. Most importantly, ensuring your clients receive the best, most qualified candidates is a top priority. However, much of your hard work can be wiped out by a dishonest candidate. Job hunting is stressful, and desperate candidates may lie about their skills and experience to land a higher salary. Go beyond conducting a simple interview. Confirm candidates by following up with references. Screen candidates with simple typing and computer skills when necessary. Call previous employers to confirm candidate work histories. It’s a time-consuming process in the short term, but vital – matching up the right candidate with the position is a huge long-term victory for your company, client and applicant.

3. Competition

Temporary staffing agencies are constantly battling to differentiate their brand message. Why? The competition is fierce. In most local markets, there’s a handful of solid staffing and recruiting agencies, so it’s absolutely vital that you stand out. Recruiters often find their place in a niche such as IT, creative services, manufacturing and health care. And as you build a few winning clients, you need to match up your competition/applicants to keep the success rolling.

4. Payroll Funding & Financing

Are paychecks going out late? Or, is your temporary staffing agency growing faster than your working capital? Consider payroll funding as a way to get your business on track. Temporary staffing agencies rely on payroll funding for operating and growing their business. Consult the financial experts at Scale Funding to learn how you can secure the capital you need to pay employees and grow your staffing agency.


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