4 Unwritten Rules for Truckers

If you’re a veteran trucker, you probably already know these rules of the road, but if you’re a new driver you might not know all of them. Most new truckers learn these rules the hard way as they’re unwritten and usually unspoken.

4 Unwritten Rules for Truckers

1. Acknowledging Other Truckers

Everyone should have common courtesy when on the roads. This is especially important for truckers as they’re on the roads more than most people. CB radios are often used to recognize other truckers. Even a friendly wave can work.

rules for truckers2. Help Other Truckers Pass Vehicles

When you’re a trucker, you drive on some pretty busy roads – and sometimes during rush hour traffic. This can make it difficult for you to keep an eye on all of the traffic around you. Other truckers traveling in other lanes will often flash their lights or make contact by CB radio to tell another driver they have safely passed a vehicle and can enter back into another lane. This can help keep all drivers safe on the road.

3. CB Communication

CB radios are a way many truckers communicate with one another. It’s important you inform other trucks on information that might affect their drive. They’ll appreciate it if you let them know of bad weather delays, upcoming road closures or if there’s a major accident on their route. If aware of these types of issues prior to approaching them, it gives truckers the ability to take another route if possible.

4. Avoid Giving Headlight Headaches

If you’re stopping at a rest area or fuel stop for any amount of time, be sure to turn off your headlights and put on your hazard lights instead. Headlights on trucks are bright and can easily blind other truckers and drivers coming in.

Although there are several other unwritten rules of the road, these four are basic ones that truckers have for one another on the road. Whether you’re a veteran truck driver or a newbie, it’s important to show some common courtesy and respect to other truckers (and drivers) on the road. A simple wave or a heads-up over the CB radio can go a long way.

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