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Social Recruiting
Social recruiting can help your staffing agency find qualified candidates.

5 Tips for Social Recruiting

February 9, 2016

Social recruiting is a scouting and hiring approach many staffing agencies and companies use to find qualified candidates. The stats below show why it’s important – especially on three of the major networks.

social recruiting facebook
Facebook: More than 1 billion active daily users. (Source: Facebook)
social recruiting twitter

Twitter: 320 million monthly active users and 1 billion unique visits monthly to sites with embedded tweets. (Source: Twitter)

social recruiting linkedin

LinkedIn: More than 400 million members. LinkedIn is the network where professionals connect. (Source: LinkedIn)

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular networks for social recruiting. Depending on your industry, some networks maybe more effective than others for social recruiting. It is best to test out and analyze your social recruiting strategy as you go.

5 Tips for Social Recruiting

1. Setup Your Company’s Social Media Profiles

To help with your social recruiting efforts, make sure your profiles are completely filled out for your staffing agency. Your Facebook profile should include, at minimum, information about your company, a phone number, address, website, email, a profile picture and a cover photo. On Twitter, always include a profile picture, header photo, short  description, location and website. On LinkedIn, your  company page should have a profile picture, a summary of your company, specialties, website industry, founded date, company size and location. Having your profiles setup is step one for social recruiting.

2. Post Jobs on Social Media

Now that your profiles are setup, here is step two for social recruiting. – Posting positions on your social channels is an easy way to assist in your social recruiting efforts. Although you don’t want to post the entire job description, it is a good idea to give a sentence or two description of the job with a link where the job seeker can view the entire description. It is also good practice to include instructions on how to apply. Giving your followers the direct information they’re looking for can help with your staffing agency’s social recruiting.

3. Post Items Other Than Job Openings

To keep all your followers interested, be sure to include posts other than job openings in your social recruiting strategy. A few suggestions are interview tips, resume builders, upcoming networking events and seminars. You want your social media channels to be a place that both active and passive job seekers are interested in.

4. Develop a Social Media Budget

Although you can post on social channels for free, a little advertising budget can significantly impact your efforts. Advertising on social media can be cost effective and allow you to easily target your ideal candidate.

5. Encourage Employees to Share

Your employees have a network with some potentially qualified candidates for the jobs you are hiring for. As part of your social recruiting strategy, encourage them to share job postings. Some staffing agencies and companies offer a referral bonus if employees refer a candidate who is hired. The incentive may give employees the push they need to help make your social recruiting process easier and quicker.

Is your staffing agency growing?

Social recruiting is becoming more and more popular among staffing agencies as it is a cost-effective and relatively quick way to find new candidates. If your staffing agency is in growth mode and you need the cash to continue to grow, contact one of our Scale Funding financial experts to discuss staffing agency factoring.