5 Tips in 50 Minutes: Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals!

Proven strategies to supercharge your sales team’s performance.

Whether your team consists of seasoned veterans or new salespeople, this webinar is your ticket for tips to boost your sales. The webinar provided five insightful tips on generating more leads and supercharging your sales team’s performance.


We had a lot of great questions asked and answered during this webinar. Here are the resources mentioned while answering your great questions.

Avionté’s Sales Cadence Template

“Secrets of Staffing Success” Podcast 

Brad Bialy recently recorded a podcast episode on the topic of researching and addressing competitive bill rates with Tom Kosnik, a staffing industry authority and consultant. The episode will be released on 3/25. You can subscribe to the podcast by searching for “Secrets of Staffing Success” on your preferred podcast player or check out Haley Marketing’s past podcast episodes HERE.


Brad Bialy

Director of Digital Marketing of Haley Marketing

Brad is passionate about helping organizations develop and implement strategic digital marketing strategies to reach defined business goals. Since 2016, he’s had the opportunity to motivate and educate thousands of staffing industry members through 150+ industry-specific conferences and webinar series.
He is the host of “InSights” and “Take the Stage”, two of the leading podcasts in the staffing industry, with close to 175,000 downloads.

Erika Kubitschek

Account Executive at Avionte

Erika Kubitschek, an Account Executive at Avionte, is a leading advocate for leveraging technology to drive growth in the staffing industry. With over 11 years of experience, including 8 years in business development at a Minnesota staffing firm, Erika brings unparalleled expertise to her role. Passionate about the transformative potential of technology, she works tirelessly to help staffing firms across the Midwest understand and implement innovative solutions. Erika is a sought-after speaker at both local and national industry events, including Avionte’s annual CONNECT conference, where she shares her insights on industry trends and best practices. Through her dedication and vision, Erika Kubitschek is reshaping the future of staffing one technological advancement at a time.


Sheri Tischer

VP of Business Development – Staffing at Scale Funding

Sheri has 19 years of Staffing industry experience, 15 of those working directly in the industry. For the past 4 years, she has been responsible for developing partnership programs and driving the sales of Scale’s payroll funding solutions throughout the US. In addition to her role at Scale Funding, she serves as the President of the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association.


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