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Staffing Agencies
Make Your Staffing Agency Stand Out From the Rest

6 Ways to Make Your Staffing Agency Stand Out

July 28, 2016

Staffing agencies are resources for many job seekers and employers. Job seekers use staffing agencies to find a position that fits their skills and matches their interests. Employers utilize staffing agencies to fill open positions.

According to the American Staffing Association, there are about 39,000 staffing company offices throughout the United States that employ more than three million temporary and contract employees during an average week.

With so many staffing agencies around, it’s important to take some time to make sure your staffing agency stands out from the rest to help ensure job seekers and employers choose to work with you over your competitors.

6 Ways to Make Your Staffing Agency Stand Out

staffing agency1. Define Your Specialty

You might place candidates in many different types of roles and industries, but do you have a specialty such as IT or healthcare? If so, make that stand out on your website and marketing material.

2. Market Yourself

Market your staffing agency both online and offline. Online marketing ideas for your staffing agency include things such as career sites, social media marketing, and banner ads. Offline marketing efforts could include print advertising in local magazines, newspapers and trade magazines. Several staffing agencies also connect with area colleges to distribute brochures as a resource for new graduates looking for a job in their field.

3. Online Presentation

Your online presence is important. More times than not, people look up your company on the internet before contacting you. Make sure your website and social media channels show who you are and why your staffing agency is a good one to work with.

4. Events

Events are a great place to network. Depending on the event, you can attract job seekers as well as employers. Attend events that make sense for your staffing agency and present yourself as an expert in your industry.

5. Testimonials

Collect testimonials from both job seekers and employers. With their permission, share the testimonials on your website, social media and print materials.

6. Follow-Up

Follow up with the companies where you placed candidates to make sure the candidates worked out. Also, follow up with your candidates to see if the position you found them was a good fit. If the experience wasn’t up to expectations, find out why to see if you could’ve prevented this and learn for the future.

Payroll Funding for Your Growing Staffing Agency

For many staffing agencies payroll needs to be met every week or every two weeks, and typical customers take 45 days or more to pay their invoices. This causes a cash-flow gap that makes it difficult to accept new contracts and grow.

Staffing agencies, just like yours, turn to payroll funding to aid with their cash-flow gap. Instead of waiting to get paid, Scale Funding pays you on your invoices within 24 hours, making it easy for you to meet the demands of a growing business.

If you want to get started with payroll funding or have any questions, contact a Scale Funding representative at (800) 707-4845.

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