9 Business Influencers To Follow

As a business owner and entrepreneur, it’s important to learn from and listen to other entrepreneurs and business owners. Even if they’re not in the same industry as you, you can gain insight on business practices, tactics, and tips on topics from hiring employees, managing cash flow, marketing and more. Below are nine business influencers that we think are worth following.

Business Influencers

1. Anita Campbell – CEO & Founder of Small Business Trends

Between her Twitter profile and her website, smallbiztrends.com, you’ll find countless tips and articles on just about everything. From marketing and management to technology and finances, you’ll be sure to find some useful tips from her.

2. Bill Gates – Microsoft Chairman & the Richest Man in the World

Based on his accomplishments and fortune with Microsoft, there are decades of experiences that you can learn from Gates. His Twitter account has more than 29.3 million followers. His feed displays a little bit of everything, from business tips and news to glimpses at his personal interests. It’s an account worth following.

3. Eric Knopf – Co-Founder of WebConnex

Being a co-founder of a successful software company, Knopf knows a thing or two about starting a business and turning it into a successful empire. His Twitter feed is full of tips, articles and useful insights for business owners. Many of his tweets are geared toward start-up companies looking for insight on how to grow their businesses.

4. Gene Marks – CPA, Business Owner, and Writer

Across his articles in publications like the Washington Post, Forbes and the Huffington Post and his Twitter feed, business owners will find useful information from Marks. He provides business news, tips and insights to business owners and entrepreneurs.

5. Ken Blanchard – Speaker & Author

Best-known for his book “The One Minute Manager,” Blanchard’s blog and Twitter feed focus on tips and advice for management and leadership success.

6. Mark Cuban – Entrepreneur & Investor

From his own companies to helping start-up businesses on the popular show Shark Tank, Cuban is known for having success in the business world.  But his Twitter feed is not just about business. He also includes tweets from his personal life, news stories, Shark Tank and tweets about the NBA team he owns, the Dallas Mavericks.

7. Melinda Emerson – CEO of Quintessence Multimedia

Forbes called her the “Most Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs.” Do we need to explain more? Besides being the CEO of Quintessence Multimedia, Emerson is also known as the SmallBizLady. Her Twitter feed and her website, succeedasyourownboss.com, include tips, tools, and articles for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

8. Ramon Ray – Founder of SmartHustle.com

Author, speaker, and business influencer Ramon Ray has a Twitter profile focused on articles, tips and checklists about topics that help small business owners succeed.

9. Steve Forbes – CEO of Forbes, Inc.

His grandfather founded the magazine- but Steve Forbes is the current CEO of the company. As you probably know, Forbes focuses on business news, topics, and financials. Forbes’s profile does, as well – along with a few other things such as world news and politics.

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