A Look At Advanced Funding for the Trucking and Logistics Industry in 2021 and Forward

Scale Funding recently partnered with Becker LLC, to discuss various types of financing available to the transportation industry. Christopher Leddy moderated the session while Anthony Vizzoni, Michael Holland, and Scott Franzen touched on the below-talking points.

  • World after PPP and the pandemic

  • Various types of financing available to the transportation industry

  • Pros and Cons of each type of financing

  • What to be aware of such as covenants, pre-payments obligations, early termination fees, collateral, personal guarantees


Play the video below, to learn which financing option is the best fit for your trucking company. 


Anthony Vizzoni, Esq., Becker LLCajvizzoni@becker.legal

Christopher Leddy, Esq., Becker LLCcleddy@becker.legal

Michael Holland, Senior VP, Sales and Strategic Alliance, Scale Funding:  mholland@tcicapital.com

Scott Franzen, Senior VP, Business Development, Scale Funding:  sfranzen@tcicapital.com


About Scale Funding

Since 1994, Scale Funding has provided best-in-class accounts receivable financing solutions to thousands of small to midsize trucking companies across the United States. Fleet owners choose us because they need working capital and value the knowledge and expertise of the Scale Funding team. Our fast a/r financing helps support their growth and success.

Our easy-to-setup funding lines solve this problem by allowing our customers to access the capital tied up in their accounts receivables. With our simple and straightforward underwriting guidelines, most customers receive written quotes in as little as 15 minutes.

We distinguish ourselves from other financial institutions with our get-it-done culture. We are proud to be recognized for our reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, and customer service.

As a division of Fidelity Bank of Edina, Minnesota, we have the flexibility and capital to serve growing clients.

For more information call 952-656-3400, or visit http://getscalefunding.com/apply-for-invoice-factoring/ to get started today!


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