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If your company is providing services to AT&T, you’re likely aware that the payment terms are lengthly . If you’re looking for faster payments on your invoices for AT&T, Scale Funding can help. Our accounts-receivable financing and telecom factoring programs let you factor your invoices for immediate payment.

The process works by selling your open receivables to us. The day that we receive them we’ll initiate a competitive advance directly into your bank account. While we wait to get paid, you’ll have the immediate cash your company needs to operate and grow. Once AT&T and your other customers pay the invoice at a later date, we’ll remit the remaining amount to you, less our low telecom factoring rate.


AT&T Inc.  is a telecommunications and entertainment company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1983, but its origin can be traced back as early as 1885. The original AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph Company) still exists as a subsidiary of the current company, providing long-distance telephone service. AT&T has evolved since its beginnings as a telephone and telegraph company, and currently operates through four business segments: Business Solutions, Entertainment Group, Consumer Mobility and International. The company offers a variety of services within each segment and prides itself on being the only fully-integrated solution provider.

Business Solutions

The Business Solutions segment is the largest segment of the company, generating 48 percent of its revenue. It was created to focus the entirety of AT&T’s business services on a single division to provide complete communication solutions for its customers. The Business Solutions segment provides wireless and wireline services for businesses and individual consumers who purchase plans through corporate sponsorship. It also services the government and education sectors. Within this segment, AT&T offers advanced business solutions, such as network integration, secure web hosting with built-in data storage, VPNs, IP conferencing and voice over IP, among others. Additionally, AT&T is growing its mobility services to help its business customers stay up to date on the ever-changing technology trends. Consumers are increasingly relying on mobile devices and business needs to adapt and find new ways to reach their customers. As a result, AT&T offers its business customers access to its complete end-to-end mobility solutions. In addition to Mobile Device Management, AT&T also works with the individual companies to assess their needs and design, develop and manage mobile applications that maximize user experience for the business’s customer. This is an essential service for small and mid-size businesses that don’t have the cash flow to fund their own mobile department, but need to be able to compete with those that do.

Entertainment Group

The Entertainment Group segment provides satellite TV (through DirecTV), digital TV/video and Internet services to its residential customers. Although AT&T already had its own digital television service, U-Verse, the Entertainment Group closed a deal to purchase DirecTV in 2015, giving it more international presence and increasing its market share. With the addition of DirecTV, AT&T is now the largest provider of pay TV in the world. Additionally, the purchase of DirecTV provided AT&T with its own television network, Audience. Audience has a mix of original and acquired content, specials and feature films that are exclusive to DirecTV and U-verse customers. AT&T Entertainment Group has big aspirations for Audience, as it plans to double its content spending in the upcoming year. Primarily as a result of the acquisition of DirecTV, the Entertainment Group saw a 124 percent increase in revenue from the previous year.

Consumer Mobility

factoring your AT&T invoices

AT&T’s Consumer Mobility segment provides wireless services to consumer and wholesale subscribers in the United States. AT&T uses its own network to provide voice and data services, as well as high-speed Internet, video entertainment and home monitoring. Additionally, Consumer Mobility provides roaming and long-distance service. AT&T is a leader in the mobile internet industry and recently launched an unlimited talk, text and data plan through its no-annual contract subsidiary, Cricket Wireless. Cricket Wireless is currently one of the fastest-growing prepaid wireless companies in the United States.


AT&T’s International segment has operations in Mexico and Latin America. In Mexico, they provide wireless data and voice services to both consumer and business customers. In Latin America, AT&T (as DirecTV) is a leading provider of satellite entertainment to residential customers, and owns 100 percent of its satellite operations. AT&T also has a long-term investment plan to expand to India and China.

AT&T Labs Advanced Technologies

One of the ways AT&T stays relevant in the quickly-evolving communication and entertainment industry is by focusing on innovation through AT&T Labs Advanced Technologies. Instead of following trends, AT&T actively researches and creates new technology to lead the industry. Currently, it is developing fifth generation, or 5G, wireless technology. If trials are successful, AT&T will be a step ahead of its competition with the capability to offer its customers a faster network than anyone else in the market. Another new project they are working on is AT&T NetBond®, which provides mobile connections to consumers’ cloud providers with end-to-end security.

By having separate, focused segments within the company, AT&T can effectively accomplish its mission: “Connect people with their world, everywhere they live, work and play…and do it better than anyone else”. In order to do this, AT&T has become a leading innovator, solidifying its position in a competitive communication industry.


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