NAPC – A Resource to Win More Contracts

Find More Work with NAPC

Are you looking to bid on new work and win some new and possibly bigger contracts?

The North American Procurement Council, Inc. (NAPC) operates more than 100 free and open-access business portals where government and businesses can place jobs and bid on contracts.

The portal features more than 600,000 business opportunities each year with contract values reaching over $2 trillion.

NAPC Features

The site has an online bid submission feature which makes it easy to bid on contracts that your company can complete. The portals are broken down by location and industry. Locations include the U.S. states as well as portals for Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Companies in a wide-range of industries can benefit from the portals to find new work and win bids on contracts of all sizes. Some of the specific industry related portals include:

  • NAPCBridge Construction
  • Climate Solutions
  • Computer
  • Electrical
  • Energy
  • Equipment
  • Food
  • Solar
  • Janitorial
  • Medical
  • Railway
  • Road Builders
  • Security Services
  • Storm Clean-Up & Repair
  • Telecom
  • Wind Power
  • Many More

See the full list of portal websites NAPC offers by clicking here.

There are several other features on napc.pro that buyers, suppliers, and designer, consultant and construction managers benefit from.

Buyer Features Supplier Features Designer, Consultant & Construction Manager Features
Public solicitation Free access to business opportunities Free access to opportunities
Informal quote requests Premium features at affordable prices Streamlined document submission
Electronic distribution of bid documents, addenda and other data Streamline pre-qualification process Bid document library
Online bid submission Digital bid documents Bid advertisement and distribution
Library of specification and bid history Online bidding Automated plan-holder list distribution
Supplier database Training and support Automated addenda distribution
Training and support for purchasing staff Training and support

NAPC Creates Opportunities

With the help of the NAPC portals, businesses in a variety of industries are able to grow and win more contracts through the free and open bidding portals.

Since the NAPC portals allows companies to search on industry specific jobs or by location, it opens the door for new opportunities.

For example, many oilfield service companies have a challenging time finding work in the oilfield because of the downturn in oil prices. With the help of NAPC, oilfield companies can easily find contracts outside of their industry and complete the work with the equipment they already have. It can be an easy transition for oilfield service companies to get into other industries such as over-the-road trucking as the equipment needed is similar for many jobs.

Visit NAPC Now to Start Bidding on Contracts

Now that you know about NAPC, it’s time to visit the website to start bidding on new contracts. When you win new contracts, cash flow might be a concern. Project costs such as labor, operating expenses and equipment can be overwhelming if you’re waiting for customer payment.

This is where Scale Funding can help out. We’ve helped companies who’ve won new contracts and need cash flow to complete the job. Instead of waiting 30 day or more for payment on these contracts, partner with Scale Funding to get paid same-day on your invoices.

This gives you the ability to continue to win more contracts while having steady cash flow to meet your business obligations.

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