Branch Puts Contractors in the Driver’s Seat

Attract more independent contractors by offering instant pay and flexible access to earnings!

Branch – Instant Payments for any Workforce

Branch is a free digital wallet and card that gives workers fast, flexible access to their earnings. The Branch instant pay platform is used by companies in industries should as Trucking & Logistics, Staffing & Temporary Employment Agencies, Healthcare, and more.

Trucking Fleets Use Branch

Trucking & logistics companies turn to Branch for a faster, better way to pay drivers. Our solution solves the broken system of payments and empowers drivers with real-time access to pay anytime, anywhere—even on nights and weekends. By pushing bulk or individual payments through Branch, you’re able to meet the expectations of today’s workers, boost operational efficiency, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Join hundreds of businesses that are using Branch to offer drivers instant payments with ease.

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Staffing Agencies Use Branch

Companies turn to Branch to help recruit more talent with faster payments. Legacy payment methods like pay cards and paper checks result in sluggish and costly processes that pose a major setback in today’s talent landscape. To get ahead of the curve, firms leverage Branch’s suite of payment tools that empower workers with faster onboarding, instant access to wages, and payment flexibility. By modernizing payments with Branch, you’re able to boost worker attraction, retention, and engagement—all while improving your bottom line. Join hundreds of businesses that are using Branch to win the battle for talent and offer faster payments with ease.

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Branch App - Instant payments for any workforce

 Branch App – Next-Level Payments

When you partner with Branch, you receive a free digital wallet and card that provides workers fast, dependable access to their earnings.

  • On-Demand Pay
  • Cashless Tips
  • Digital Payouts

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