Top Websites for Oilfield Service Companies

Owners and operators of oilfield services companies use the internet to stay up to date on industry news, research new opportunities, and manage the details of their business. Here is a list of the top websites for oilfield service companies.

top websites for oilfield service companies

Top Oil Industry News Websites

1. E&P Magazine

E&P Magazine is also published online and in print. E&P covers industry news throughout the world. It has numerous articles and white papers available which are a great resource.

2. Shale Mag

Shale Magazine is both an online source of news and a monthly printed magazine. The coverage is focused towards on-shore plays, and extensive coverage of logistics, infrastructure, and technology.

3. Oil & Gas Journal

Oil & Gas Journal is another online and print resource. The online coverage is global and is a good resource for up-to-date stories on all facets of the oil and gas industry.

Top Oil Industry Resources Websites

4. Rigdata

Rigdata is an excellent source of information on drilling activity from permitting to completion. Rigdata is the primary source used by most companies to monitor rig activity in the US. Most data is available by subscription, however, there is a limited number of reports available for free.

5. Oiltizer

Oiltizer is an excellent resource for oilfield services companies and oilfield suppliers to find equipment for sale as well as auctions. Visitors can search for specific equipment, and view the search results and contact information of the sellers. Oiltizer also publishes a print edition you can receive by subscription.

Top Oil Industry Association Websites

6. Texas Oil & Gas Association

The Texas Oil & Gas Association is a trade association with over 5000 members. TXOGA represents the interests of all companies involved in oil and gas production. The organization is active in legislative, regulatory, and public affairs issues affecting the industry. The site offers information and news about the benefits of the Texas energy industry.

7. North Dakota Petroleum Council

The North Dakota Petroleum Council is the oil industry’s voice and advocate in North Dakota. Their involvement in legislative and regulatory actions are important to companies operating in North Dakota. The NDPC site offers news, information, and event activity for members and visitors.

8. The National Association of Energy Service Companies

The National Association of Energy Service Companies is a nationwide organization dedicated to promoting the interests of oilfield service companies and those who supply products and services. The AESC website contains industry resources, event activity, and chapter membership information.

Top Oil Industry Information Websites

9. American Petroleum Institute

The American Petroleum Institute is a national trade association representing the oil and gas industry. The API site contains a wealth of information about the energy industry, products, and issues. This site is the top resource for most topics related to the oil and gas industry.

10. US Energy Information Agency

The US Energy Information Administration is the federal government website of the Department of Energy. Visitors will find all kinds of information on oil & gas production, prices, and regulations. This website has great features to help any company in the industry.

Top Oil Industry Factoring Website

11. Scale Funding

Since 1994, Scale Funding is the leading source of invoice factoring for oilfield services companies and oilfield suppliers. This website offers oilfield news, blog posts for improving operations, and is the gateway to invoice factoring for oilfield service companies.

About Scale Funding

Invoice factoring from Scale Funding supplies immediate cash for invoices. Oilfield services companies use this cash to meet payroll, manage their equipment, and take on new business opportunities.

For more information on invoice factoring, call 800-707-4845.


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