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Cash to Pay Bills, Meet Payroll, Purchase Equipment, and More

Heavy Construction companies and construction sub-contractors often wait for 30, 60, or even 90 days for payments. Invoice factoring with Scale Funding provides the vital cash construction companies and construction sub-contractors need to keep their businesses operating.

Since 1994, Scale Funding has been a leading provider of invoice factoring services in the United States and Canada. If you are waiting too long for customer payments, factoring will provide the cash you need. Scale Funding offers competitive advance rates and low factoring rates. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote.

accounts-receivable financing for heavy construction

Invoice factoring for heavy construction with Scale Funding gives companies the cash they need to keep the business operating. Cash flow from factoring is used to meet payroll, maintain equipment, buy supplies or whatever is needed by the company. The steady cash flow from factoring lets business operators focus on what they do best – getting the job done.

Heavy construction companies are among the businesses who can benefit the most from accounts receivable financing. Heavy construction companies go from one project to the next. Waiting 30, 60, or 90 days to be paid on a completed project can have a major impact on a company’s ability to do the next job.

Bank loans and bank lines of credit are often used by heavy construction companies for cash flow. The reality of the current banking climate is many companies will not qualify for a line of credit and are turned down by the bank. Even those companies with existing bank lines can suddenly find themselves maxed-out or the line being closed.

Factoring is an excellent alternative for companies that cannot use a bank loan or bank line of credit. With factoring, you’ll have the cash you need when you need it. Factoring with Scale Funding also comes with the benefits of being able to check the credit and payment history of potential customers, and with support from account representatives who have extensive experience working with heavy construction companies.

Heavy Construction Work

accounts-receivable financing for heavy construction

Companies involved in heavy construction work for customers from a number of industries. Heavy construction projects can include bridges, tunnels, dams, highways, ports, telecommunications networks (fixed line, cable, and wireless), railways, subways, water and sewage facilities, pipelines, and utility plants. Each industry has its peculiarities for invoicing and payments. These can be problematic for both well-established companies and those new to the industry.

Accounts receivable factoring with Scale Funding allows companies to focus on what they do best, their work. Scale Funding has the industry-specific expertise and background to work together with heavy construction clients. We share our expertise with clients, so they get the cash they need.

telecom and wireless

Heavy Construction for Telecom 

Scale Funding has experience in factoring for clients working in the telecom market. As fixed-line, cable and wireless operators seek to expand and modernize their networks to meet the insatiable demand for data, heavy construction companies helping to build infrastructure are often pinched by pay terms that commonly exceed 45 days. Both greenfield and brownfield network builds consume enormous resources, and slow payments can put a contractor at financial risk. Scale Funding works with companies to ensure a steady cash flow through and beyond project completion.

utility and pipeline

Utility & Pipeline Heavy Construction

Heavy construction is synonymous with utility & pipeline work. Heavy machinery operators, construction management, and crane and aerial lift operators all work on utility and pipeline projects, in addition to others. These projects can include residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and public-works projects, each with its own unique set of invoicing requirements and payment terms. Accounts receivable factoring with Scale Funding will provide these companies the cash they need to work on and complete these projects without creating unwanted financial burdens.

oilfield financing

Heavy Construction in the Oil and Gas Fields

Despite the recent reduction in new oil and gas well starts, there is still work to be done in the oilfields. Scale Funding serves companies in the energy sector who are working on environmental and reclamation projects, vacuum services, trenching services and more. Scale Funding has extensive knowledge of and an outstanding reputation with exploration companies and producers, and we leverage our standing on behalf of our heavy construction company clients.

trucking and freight

Transportation Services for Heavy Construction

Trucking and transportation are necessary for most heavy construction projects. Scale Funding clients use accounts receivable factoring for consistent cash flow to operate their fleets. Bulk material haulers, flatbed carriers and heavy haulers all use factoring. Scale Funding has a proven track record of quality service to these fleets regardless of what’s being hauled.

Heavy Construction Companies

Scale Funding offers customized factoring programs for a wide range of companies involved in heavy construction. All of these companies benefit with the steady cash flow from factoring, plus the best-in-class service Scale Funding is known for. These are some of the types of heavy construction companies served by Scale Funding.

Build MaterialsEnvironmental Services & ReclamationHorizontal Directional Drilling
Bulk Material HandlersEquipment RentalHot Shot Hauling
Concrete ContractorsFabrication & WeldingRight-of-Way Clearing
Construction EquipmentFlatbed CarriersSite Preparation
Construction ManagementGrading & ExcavatingTrenching Services
Crane & Aerial Lift OperatorsGravel HaulersUtility Locators
Demolition ContractorsHeavy HaulingVacuum Excavators & Trucks
Electrical ContractorsHeavy Machinery OperatorsPlus Many More

Accounts Receivable Financing for Construction Companies & Heavy Construction Companies

Scale Funding has served heavy construction companies for over 20 years. Our industry knowledge, along with our experience, is an invaluable asset to clients. We understand the financial challenges heavy construction companies deal with on a daily basis. Because each client’s circumstances are different, our accounts receivable factoring programs are custom-tailored to fit their needs.

Heavy construction companies use factoring with Scale Funding because it’s the right choice for their business. We can customize a factoring line for most any situation. Whether it’s simply getting steady cash or for needs such as expansion and growth, slow-paying customers or tax liens, Scale Funding can work with you.

Learn more about financing for construction companies with factoring and why it is the right decision for your business by calling Scale Funding at (866) 219-4873 or contact us now.


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