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Fraud is on the Rise!

March 5, 2024

Within the past few months, we have seen an increase in fraudulent attempts and would like to pass along some ways to keep you and your company safe from becoming the next victim.


Use Protection:

Implement technology like a firewall as a first line of defense to protect your network and computers.

Use Individual Emails:

Provide each employee with their own email and avoid using a universal email for the entire office to reduce internal fraud risk.

Stay Informed:

Sign up for electronic notices from your bank, creditors, and service providers to stay informed of any changes.

Enhance Security:

Use Two-Factor Authentication or Dual authentication for added security measures. This requires two identification forms before allowing access to data in case one gets compromised.

Verify Information Accuracy:

Periodically search your company online to ensure accurate information is being reported.

Credit Reporting

Regularly Review Reports:

Review credit reports regularly to detect and report any suspicious activity promptly.

Brand Recognition

Consistent Use of Name:

Use your legal entity name on all forms of communication and portrayals of your company. This prevents fraudsters from easily impersonating your company or employees.