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Freight Trends
May 2016

Freight Trends May 2016

May 12, 2016

freight trends may 2016Freight Trends May 1-7

Good news for the trucking industry!

Rates rose sharply last week, following  a steady increase in demand for vans and reefers, especially in California, Texas and the Southeast.

Flatbed demand and rates held steady.


View Aprils’s freight trends here.

Freight Trends May 2016

May 1-7 vs April 24-30 April 2016 vs March 2016 April 2016 vs April 2015
Spot Market Loads +5.1% +0.2% -28%
Spot Market Capacity +1.9% -3.6% +1.7%
Van Load-To-Truck +11% -5.9% -46%
Van Rates (Spot) +4.7% 0.7% -19%
Flatbed Load-To-Truck -11% +23% +1.2%
Flatbed Rates (Spot) +0.5% +2.2% -12%
Reefer Load-To-Truck +5.9% -10.0% -54%
Reefer Rates (Spot) +6.1% +0.6% -16%
Fuel Prices +3.1% +2.9% -23%

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