Fun Facts About Trucking Quiz

1. What percent of drivers’ wages contribute to the freight trucking costs in the US?
2. Do you know what a "Kojak with a Kodak" refers to?
3. If you compiled all the trucks in the US — they would
4. It's important to think ahead. What item might you need while on the road?
5. If something happens to your truck, what could be handy to have with you, especially in the dark?
6. As truckers have lots of different slang, what might a trucker call a cop?
7. Who might a truck driver call a "bumper sticker"?
8. This is a trucking term used for a logging truck. What is it?
9. How many days in their career does the average small business truck driver drive?
10. How many miles do truckers who retire late and drive for small to medium-Scaled businesses drive per year?

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