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Improve Retention Rates:
How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back

How to Improve Client Retention

January 14, 2018

Tremendous amounts of time and energy are put into getting new clients. Therefore, once a staffing agency has taken one in, it is important that they have the ability to retain as many clients as possible. The following tips may serve as guidelines to assist you in maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with your clients and, ultimately, to help increase your client retention.

  1. Building Client Trust

Developing a trusting relationship with your clients is arguably the most important factor in retention. This means that your clients need to trust that you are going to be honest with them, that you will provide them with the most skillful and qualified candidates and that you will do everything you can for the success of your workers. Once this relationship is formed, clients are more inclined to stay on-board with your staffing agency.

  1. Being Honest

Although this may sound obvious, honesty is imperative in the maintenance of beneficial relationships with clients. Though it is usually easy to be honest with clients, it gets hard when they ask for a candidate that you do not have. Admitting that you do not have a candidate that matches a client’s opening actually shows your clients that you are committed to supplying them with the best candidates that you possibly can and will not provide your clients with workers who cannot get the job done. Ultimately, this will show your clients that you care about their success and will effectively strengthen your relationship.

  1. Understanding Client Culture

Take the time that you need to ensure that you understand the culture of a workplace before sending in a candidate. This means making a visit to the company’s premises to see how things are run, what kinds of people work there and what the culture is like. If you are able to recognize what type of workers fit best in that company’s unique culture, you will be able to provide your clients with candidates that both work well and fit well.

  1. Offering Variety

Send your clients a range of candidates with different skill sets, levels of experience, salary ranges and personalities. This will show your clients that you want them to be able to choose the best fit for them. This way you demonstrate that you have a range of skill ready at any time to fulfill the needs of your clients as well as giving them the freedom to pick from a variety of potential workers. This practice will improve your client retention by ensuring that your client knows that you have plenty of skill to meet their demand for labor.

  1. Following Up on Candidate Performance

Asking a client if they liked the candidates that you have sent them shows commitment. This simple act demonstrates that you truly care not only about profits but that you are providing clients with the best candidates. You can check in on how the candidate is doing, what they can be doing to improve and how you can help them. This move will be sure to improve client retention as wells as earn you referrals, if not direct contacts.

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