7 Tips to Get Your Staffing Agency Selected Over Your Competition

For a company to succeed it is vital for it to stand out from its competition, and there is no exception in the recruitment world. Staffing agencies need to continuously reinvent their strategy to keep up with the ever-growing and changing needs of their clients.

As a staffing agency you strive to keep your current clients, but it is also important for you to acquire new ones in order to grow.

Most recruitment agencies offer similar services. The secret to ensuring your staffing agency is selected over the competition is how you set yourself apart. Here are the best ways to keep your clients and invite new ones.

Tips to Get Your Staffing Agency Selected Over Your Competition

7 Tips To Help Get Your Agency Selected Over Your Competition

1. Build Relationships

The idea is to build relationships that are mutually beneficial. For a staffing company, you need to ensure that clients feel they’re hiring the most competitive lot through your firm.
When developing a business-relationship driven strategy you need to:

  • Focus on the best customer base to serve. Find out who the ideal clients are and where to find the best opportunities.
  • Develop customized sales and marketing strategies based on different client needs.
  • Understand your clients’ expectations and act as an advocate for their business needs.
  • Ensure you have the capabilities to meet the needs of your clients.

To build a successful business-relationship strategy, you need to make use of a blend of processes, people, knowledge, technology, and insight.

  • Process: Having the right processes in place will yield consistency and make sure that all client expectations are being met.
  • People: You need people to drive and build the bonds that create the relationship. Having the right people on board can help ensure your staffing agency builds new relationships and maintains the old ones.
  • Knowledge: The right knowledge is required to analyze the data gathered, provide recommendations, and oversee the implementation of strategies.
  • Technology: The right technology ensures that efficient data is collected for analysis and accurate communication.
  • Insight: Insight makes it possible for you to understand needs and expectations of your clients.

2. Make Use of Communication

For any company to succeed, communication with clients and prospective clients is important. It opens up a place for constructive dialogue so you can better understand their needs. Make use of online communication such as email marketing and social media.  Phone conversations are ideal for gathering feedback and nurturing business relationships.

3. Let Prospects See Your Depth

Companies can easily use Google and other online tools to find candidates to fill their vacant positions. For you to ensure that these companies come to you for their hiring needs, you need to let them see your willingness to go the extra mile to get them the best candidates. Be sure to highlight what makes you stand out from your competition in all your marketing and communication efforts.

4. Understand How Your Clients’ Companies Work

The right staffing agency will look into how their clients’ companies operate. If the agency understands how the company works, it makes it easier to find the right candidate for any position.

5. Have a Deep Understanding of the Industries You Serve

If you want your staffing agency to stand out, you need to take the time to learn about different industries and what they require from their staff. This ensures that you create a name for yourself as the recruiting agency that sends the right staff, for the right job. While most agencies have an industry niche, it is possible to perfect your knowledge on different industries to give you the ability to place candidates in several industries.

6. Mind Your Client’s Long-Term Interests

This is especially important when you’re helping a company to hire short-term temps. Every client appreciates when you supply temporary workers with full-time potential. This makes it easy for them to promote the temp to a permanent position if need be without having to go through the whole recruitment process again.

7. Lead by Example

No company wants to work with a staffing firm that cannot handle its own internal staff. You need to ensure that your staffing agency’s permanent employees are the right people for the job to help you maintain a low turnover rate.

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