Helpful Resources to Find Oilfield Water-Hauling Jobs

There are many online resources for finding oilfield water-hauling jobs. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the oil patch, you can start with the list below.

oilfield water hauling truckFind Oilfield Water Hauling Jobs

  • Indeed.com: One of the web’s largest job-related search engines. Launched in 2004, Indeed lists jobs from over 50 different countries in 28 different languages. You can specify your searches by state, distance, job type, salary and keyword.
  • Rigzone.com: The leading web resource for news, updates and events in the oil and gas industry. If you’re an oil and gas professional, you can connect with the news you’re looking for, find the jobs you want and view massive amounts of data to tackle the industry and career challenges that may come your way.
  • Fracking Jobs: Fracking Jobs is a “job board,” where you’re encouraged to contact the employers directly via the links within their posts. Find a job in the state or province that interests you, and then contact the hiring employer directly.

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Why Are Oilfield Water-Hauling Jobs Important?

Oilfield water-hauling jobs are important because a typical drilling operation produces vast amounts of salt water and waste-fluid byproducts that need to be removed and disposed. Oilfield water haulers use vacuum-equipped tanker trucks to transport waste fluids away from drilling sites to regulated, approved drilling and disposal sites. But water haulers don’t just haul water; they’re often required to fill additional roles and responsibilities daily such as filling out tickets at locations, assembling paperwork such as timesheets, managing water tickets and keeping accurate records of loads.


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