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Hiring Drivers For Your Company
Finding the Perfect Fit

Hiring Drivers: Background Checks & Trucking Companies

May 9, 2017

Hiring Drivers for Your Company

A trucking company is worthless without quality drivers.

In order to meet deadlines, serve your clients, and continue to receive orders, you need top-quality drivers. Drivers need to be efficient, safe and reliable. It’s not just about hiring any driver, it’s about hiring the right driver.

No matter how long you’ve been hiring drivers, there’s a good chance you’re not investing enough time, thought and energy in the process. It can be tempting to rush the hiring process, especially if you need someone now. But when it’s done wrong, it can bog down your company. When it’s done right, it can be like jet fuel for your operations.  Take a look at these steps to assist you when you are hiring drivers.

Steps for Hiring New Drivers

hiring driversMotor Vehicle Report

Hiring safe, attentive and responsible drivers is a priority for your business. The cost of accidents alone can financially harm your business, even if you have some of the most comprehensive insurance available. According to, the average cost of a commercial truck accident is nearly $60,000. Some statistics say that if a fatality is involved, the cost rises to roughly $500,000. And keep in mind that these numbers don’t take into account the significant emotional toll that can come with wrecks, injuries and fatalities.

One of the tools available for hiring managers and company owners is the motor vehicle report, or MVR. The MVR should be in your standard procedure for your hiring process. The report will give you a strong indication of a driver’s track record and commitment to safety. Some states offer this information for free, but in some cases, you will need to pay a small fee for the MVR. Keep in mind though that it’s unreasonable to expect every driver to have a flawless record.

Multiple Interviews

The process of hiring drivers is too important to rush. Even if you are in desperate need of a new driver, you’re never so desperate that you can afford to hire the wrong person. For that reason, it’s always important to do at least two interviews, preferably three or more.

The first interview should be an introduction for both you and the candidate. Get to know the driver, their experiences and their reasons for seeking new employment. Take the time to discuss company values (including safety) so the candidate can decide whether or not they actually want the job. It doesn’t do your company any good to hire someone who will leave in a month.

While interviewing, ask open-ended questions instead of yes-or-no questions. These questions should also evaluate how the driver has improved their skills over the years, which can tell you about the driver’s commitment to safety.

The following interviews should be even more detailed. Start with a recap of the previous interview, then dive deeper into the specifics of the position, like safety expectations and logistics of the job.

Interview for the long term, and then hire for the long term. You’ll be more successful if you do.

Drive-A-Check (with Caution)

The Drive-A-Check, or DAC report, is an interesting part of the hiring process for truckers. It’s like an unofficial credit history for truckers. Previous employers can leave feedback on a DAC report that includes past accidents, driving records, drug screening and job performance. It can tell you why a driver left a previous job, and even information on the person’s reliability.

For better or worse, almost nothing is off-limits in the DAC report. The system is essentially unmonitored. So while most trucking companies are honest when leaving feedback, you may find inaccurate or downright untrue information on a driver. For example, if a driver left a company on professional terms, a company manager could still leave a poor report.

Drug tests

This is another essential part of hiring drivers that must not be overlooked. If your drivers have an accident and there is any reasonable indication of drug or alcohol abuse, it can have serious consequences for your business. Make this a mandatory part of the hiring process and you’ll be more likely to hire top-notch, safe drivers.

This step can also help you acquire more business. Your customers will be thrilled to learn that all of your drivers (i.e. the people responsible for their property) have passed a comprehensive drug screening. Drug screening, in some cases, can also make your insurance premiums go down. This can make your company even stronger.

Added Drivers = Added Payroll. Have a Plan.

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