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Brand Consistency
Make your name recognizable.

How to Create Brand Consistency

September 16, 2015

brand consistency

Stick to Your Company Name.

Make it easy for your customers by consistently using the same company name. Too often your customers can get confused, especially if you’re using multiple trade names. Best-practices to keep this from happening include using the same company name on your invoice coversheets, attachments, and anywhere else that your company name is written on including email signatures and business cards.

Have a logo? Use it everywhere.

The best way to make your brand recognizable is to use your logo across the board. Use your image on your invoices, your business cards and on any advertisement. Your customers see your invoices most often – make a lasting impression with your logo, and they are more likely to remember you for future recommendations.

Create a consistent message.

You can make your brand and your message instantly recognizable when you are consistent. For example: Use the same font on all of your documents – this includes your invoice cover sheets, your advertisements and even your business cards. Do you speak with prospective clients over the phone often? A great way to make a lasting impression in your market is to use and reuse scripted phrases in all of your conversations. Keeping your message clear, consistent and positive can improve your chances of new and returning business.