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HR 101 – 5 Tips on Conducting an End of Assignment Interview

November 9, 2020

According to Think HR, recent questions have arisen around the effectiveness of Exit Interviews. Their experts respond, “Exit interviews can be a handy tool — if you’re prepared to act on what you learn.” Not only can exit interviews be useful, but in the Staffing Industry, “End of Assignment” interviews can provide valuable insight for you and your client companies!

These interviews typically use one of two formats: an in-person interview or a form the employee completes independently. An in-person (or phone or video conference) interview allows for follow-up questions if the employee says something you’d like to know more about, while a written form lets the employee give more thought to each item and answer at a pace that works for them. They may also be more honest if they don’t have to answer questions face to face.

5 Tips Before You Get Started Tips for holding a productive exit interview

  1. Conduct the interview as close as possible to the end of the assignment.
  2. Make sure to allow enough time for a meaningful conversation and if meeting in person, meet somewhere in the office with some privacy.
  3. Explain that the interview is for informational purposes and the betterment of the organization and their coworkers.
  4. Say that you will take notes and that you will keep them as confidential as possible. Note that certain issues, if raised, must be discussed with management.
  5. Assure them that concerns or information shared in good faith will not be communicated to future employers or negatively affect a reference check.

 Think about what type of information would provide the most value to your organization, then develop your interview questions around that. Getting honest feedback (even if it’s not what you want to hear) is vital to improving your staffing firm. Additionally, it will provide you with the information you need to partner with your clients.

7 Sample Questions to Ask during an End of Assignment Interview Questions a staffing company should ask at an end of assignment

  1. If you quit the assignment before the scheduled end date, what is the primary reason you ended your assignment?
  2. Did the job description match the duties you were asked to complete?
  3. Do you feel you received the proper training to complete the assignment?
  4. Did you feel safe while working on your assignment?
  5. Did you think there was an inclusive and positive work environment at the assigned company?
  6. Would you return for another assignment at this company, or refer a friend to work at the same company?
  7. Did our staffing agency provide you with all that you needed to succeed?

    **If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, please feel free to explain.

Tip for staffing industry owners on exit interviewsSome final thoughts:  

Keep in mind that a written end of assignment interview should be short, as the employee probably won’t want to spend a lot of time on it. We recommend keeping it to 5-6 questions at the most.
If conducting the interview over the phone or in person, when you are done with your list of prepared questions, ask the employee if there is anything they’d like to add.

If the assignment was completed successfully, this might be the perfect opportunity to ask for a candidate referral and/or ask if they’d be willing to post a positive review for your company.

Again, be prepared to act on what you learn!

Author: Sheri Tischer, Vice President of Business Development – Staffing, Scale Funding

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