Marketing Tips For Truckers

New customers are the lifeblood of every business. For truck fleet operators, finding new sources of freight is part of the daily routine. With digital resources and instant connectivity, finding new customers can be daunting, but also rewarding when using some modern marketing strategies. Consider the following marketing tips for truckers as a guideline in your marketing efforts.

Six Marketing Tips for Truckers

1. Develop a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan provides a course of action on what you want to accomplish and when.  It includes strategies on how you’ll accomplish actions and sets a timeline on when these activities will be completed. A solid marketing plan gives your company insight on where marketing money will be spent. marketing tips for truckers

2. Create Your Brand

We are surrounded by brands. Why? Because branding works. A well done company logo and colors will go a long way when it comes to positive brand recognition. Think of some of the most recognizable names in the industry, they all have memorable logos and colors.

When creating your company brand, think about the message and image you want to convey. Keep in mind the exposure your logo will have. Your logo will appear in many places including on your trucks, company correspondence, and online. Creating a quality logo isn’t expensive, and it is a crucial part of your marketing and business strategies.

3. Know Your Customers

Understand who your target market is, and focus your attention on them.  Know where your customers are active, then utilize your resources to reach them.

4. Take Advantage of Digital Platforms

Use social media to promote your company. Facebook and Instagram are two social platforms that are ideal for truck fleets.  Work on maintaining your digital profiles and creating engaging content.  Pictures draw more attention whereas written word can bore and disinterest your customers and prospects.

Joining forums for trucking such as truckersreport.com can give you helpful insight and details into topics related to trucking.

Develop a website that showcases your fleet’s capabilities and experience. Share your website on as any many things as possible including business cards, marketing collateral, and even your trucks.

5. Be Professional in All Correspondence

A calm, professional demeanor is more likely to draw positive attention to your company.  A clean, professional appearance, and warm personality will make a positive impact on shippers and receivers. Drivers should be reminded when they are making a delivery, they are representing both their fleet and the company they’re hauling for.

When creating printed material such as business cards or brochures, be professional. Your printed material creates a long-term impression of your company. A quality brochure will have a positive effect on potential customers.

All company correspondence should be respectful as well. Re-read emails and postings before sending them out. Rough or foul language should never be used. Think about the image you are creating for your company prior to posting. It can be easy to post something quickly and regret it later on.

6. Find an Effective Way to Approach Customers

There are many ways to reach potential customers.  These include email marketing, social media marketing, face-to-face contact, and so much more.  Find a strategy that works for your company.  Do not be afraid to test different methods to see what works best.

These six marketing tips for truckers are the foundation of growing your fleet. As you craft a marketing plan don’t be afraid to make changes as you see the results and as business conditions change.

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