Payroll Factoring

One of the many challenges staffing agencies face is the wide range of financial responsibilities from marketing efforts to office supplies to merely keeping the lights on. However, the most significant financial challenge is payroll funding. Waiting 30, 60, 90 days to receive payment from your client can be detrimental to your business. That is why many staffing and temporary employment agencies turn to payroll factoring.

What is Payroll Factoring?

Payroll factoring also is known as invoice factoring helps bridge the gap by supplying you with instant cash, so you have the capital to continue to run your business efficiently and effectively. The process works by selling your open invoices to a payroll factoring company for a small fee in exchange for an immediate cash advance. Scale Funding advances 90 percent or more of a total invoice, one of the highest advance rates in the industry.

Having a reliable source for payroll factoring is one of the most critical aspects of operating a successful temp agency. Payroll factoring from Scale Funding reassures staffing agencies that payroll will be met every time. Payroll factoring gives you the financial freedom to market, fill orders and achieve the goals you have for your agency.

Cash flow is critical for staffing agencies. Customer payment terms of 15 to 90 days are demanding of agency owners. With Scale Funding, our custom payroll factoring solutions provide you the funds you need, when you need them. We remove the stress of waiting for customer payments, allowing you to focus on recruiting the best talent and building a stronger, lucrative staffing agency.

View the short video below to get a clear understanding of how beneficial and straightforward payroll factoring can be to your growing business.

Benefits of Payroll Factoring with Scale Funding

Payroll factoring with Scale Funding is much more than steady cash flow. Scale Funding offers many value-added services for the benefit of staffing agency clients.

• Customized Financing Solutions to Your Needs
• Funding that Grows as Your Agency Grows
• No Long-Term Contracts
• Dedicated Relationship Managers
• Professional A/R Management
• Credit Analysis Services
• Comprehensive Reporting
• Over 25 Years of Experience

Getting Started with Payroll Factoring

Since 1994, Scale Funding has provided payroll factoring for staffing agencies across the Nation. These staffing agencies are from all phases of business, and all have unique industry needs. Nevertheless, there is one thing they all have in common: they all have the need and desire to advance their cash flow. Our payroll financing and staffing agency factoring programs are customized to fit your needs. To talk to one of our payroll factoring specialists and receive a free, no-obligation quote call 800-707-4845, or select the get a quote box below.

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