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4 Steps To Recruit The Best
Finding Talent For Your Staffing Agency

4 Steps To Recruit The Best Talent To Your Staffing Agency

May 10, 2017

As a staffing agency, your success is based on providing clients with the best possible talent. If you want to garner a reputation for excellence, you need to continually bring in highly-skilled workers who help achieve the short and long-term goals of your customers. In short: you need to recruit the best talent.

This means not only casting a wide net to find as many people as possible, but also thoroughly vetting, researching, interviewing and testing your candidates. It may also mean continuing to develop the talent and enhance the skills of the people you hire.

So how can you find top-notch people to keep your clients coming back year after year?

How to Recruit the Best Talent – Four Simple Steps

1. Give People Reasons to Stay

Let’s face it, most people don’t want to stay under the umbrella of a staffing agency; they want to be hired full time by a company. While you should never do anything to restrict a person’s opportunities (for example, never hide the fact that a client wants to hire one of your staff members), you can make staying with your agency more attractive by offering excellent pay and superior benefits.

Because your people will be working in the client’s setting, you can’t do much to enhance the work environment; however, you can offer incentives for staying with your company and benefits that provide a better quality of life for your employees. This will make your agency much more attractive to the best talent in your area. Most importantly, it could set you apart from your competition, making it easier for you to recruit the best talent.

2. Use Social Media to Confirm, Rather Than Eliminate

recruit the best talent

Just like you are looking for good candidates, candidates are looking for good staffing agencies.

Social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can be effective for weeding out the wrong candidates. But because these sites offer a broader glimpse into a candidate’s life, details found can also highlight additional information you might not have known. To be clear, using social media in the recruiting process can be a powerful tool for disqualification, such as finding inappropriate images and connections, offensive comments, etc. Do not forget to consider, however, that you might find information to sway you towards hiring, instead of disqualifying, for your team and client.

For example, let’s say you have a client who needs temporary customer service associates. As a simple example, if you search for a candidate and his or her profile is filled with positive messages and uplifting images, you might have someone who could be a great candidate for a customer support role.

Instead of just looking for signs that someone is not the right fit, consider looking for signs that they could the perfect choice. Keeping an open mind when reviewing social media pages of your candidates can benefit your search process.

3. Work Directly with Schools And Colleges

Perhaps you can recall leaving school and entering the work force for the first time. What did everyone want? Professional experience. What did you not have? Professional experience. This is a stressful problem for recent graduates, but your staffing agency may be able to jump start a candidate’s career by providing a wonderful opportunity right after graduation.

Colleges and high schools use career fairs and job placement programs to help companies recruit the best talent from their students. By working directly with these institutions, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship that results in more talent, better job placement and ultimately happier clients.

4. Offer Training and Career Development Whenever Possible

Do you feel that you cannot recruit the best talent? Why not create the right talent. This measure obviously requires a heavy commitment from agency leaders, the people you hope to train and perhaps even the support of your clients. However, you can enhance the skills and knowledge of your staff by offering continual training and career development.

There are many options that can suit the unique needs of your staffing agency. Popular options include in-house training, tuition assistance, access to professional seminars or even online training from respected professional organizations. Dedicate your agency to enhancing the skills of your staff and you’ll not only improve your existing talent, you’ll be far more attractive to the best potential hires- giving you a competitive edge.

More Recruits Mean A Greater Need For Cash Flow

Changes do not occur overnight. But as your plan to perfect your recruiting process is underway, you might begin to notice that your cash flow is getting tight. With the need to meet payroll for a larger pool of employees, you can understand how having a solid cash-flow plan in place to meet your growth can benefit you in the long run.

At Scale Funding, we specialize in providing you the cash flow you need for your upcoming growth. Contact us to find out more about our staffing agency factoring programs.

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