3 Solutions for Sustainability and Savings in the Oilfield

RecyclingOil companies that prioritize equipment recycling not only contribute to minimizing their environmental impact but also avoid incurring hefty disposal costs. Moreover, the United States Government supports environmentally friendly oil companies by offering subsidies to make recycling more affordable. If you want to make your oil company more eco-friendly, here are three effective ways to do so:

Solvent Recycling

Implementing Solvent Saver Systems can substantially reduce your recurring expenses by enabling you to reclaim up to 95 percent pure, reusable solvents. These systems are user-friendly and can be easily assembled on-site. However, if your company generates high-volume waste streams, professional installation might be necessary. By utilizing this system, you can significantly reduce your environmental footprint while saving money.

Metal Equipment Recycling

In the oil industry, it’s common for old equipment to become unusable. However, such equipment often still holds value.

When drilling pipes wear out, many oil companies discard them and purchase new sets. Instead, your company can opt for a more sustainable approach by taking damaged pipes to reputable scrap dealers experienced in recycling oilfield equipment. This practice can save you up to 50 percent on costs, as these dealers can recycle the pipes or repurpose them into new products like rust-free screws, thanks to their superior coating.

Similarly, damaged drill bits can be recycled by selling them to scrap dealers. These dealers extract the tungsten carbide, the durable metal used in drill bits to withstand immense pressure and friction, to create new, reliable drill bits.

Gasoline Equipment Recycling:

Proper disposal of damaged gasoline equipment is crucial due to safety concerns. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to dispose of old or faulty equipment and replace it with new, safe products.
Gasoline tanker tanks, typically made of expensive, high-density plastic and enclosed in metal for protection during transit, can last a long time. However, once they become unusable, they pose a significant disposal expense. To recycle gasoline tanks, remove the outer metal housing and consult a specialist to work on the tank itself.

For damaged gas cylinders, recycling is a viable option instead of purchasing new ones. However, it’s essential to entrust the recycling process to professionals to prevent any mishandling that could lead to fatal consequences.


Given the increasingly unfavorable public opinion towards the oil industry, it’s crucial for oil companies to prioritize recycling. Recycling not only enhances your company’s reputation but also provides significant cost savings. By embracing one of the largest trends in the oil industry and adopting recycling practices today, you can contribute to a more sustainable future while reaping the benefits for your company.

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