Sheri Tischer’s Top 3 Takeaways from ASA’s 2023 Staffing Industry Trends Webinar

The American Staffing Association recently hosted a webinar where a group of industry experts addressed 10 of 2023’s Staffing Industry Trends. Sheri Tischer took some time to compile her top 3 trends for you to know! Watch Sheri’s video below.

Here are the 10 Staffing Industry Trends

#1.  Talent Disruptions and Opportunities

The great resignation and battle for talent continue. HR leaders will continue to look to our industry for support. We need to search for ways to tap into underrepresented groups, such as veteran groups or people with disabilities, as well as retirees.

#2.  Workplace Flexibility

71% of employees would pass on upward mobility to receive flexibility with when and where they work. Remote and hybrid work is not going away, so we need to help front-line managers adapt to this hybrid work model.

#3.  Improve Culture

Culture doesn’t just happen. It must be built, cultivated, and managed to attract and retain workers and support business goals. Conduct surveys on employee engagement, report on the results, and what you’re doing to improve.

#4.  Upskilling and Reskilling

Not only do we have a people shortage, but we also have a skills shortage. 90% of executives claim their organizations currently or within the next 5 years will suffer from skills gaps. Build pathways within your organization for training, development, and advancement as well as strategize with your client companies on how to incorporate skills training for contract employees.

#5.  Agility and Preparedness

Amid today’s rapid changes, volatility, and disruptions, staffing firms must define growth strategies and scenario plans instead of long-term strategic plans.

#6.  Leveraging Technology

Staffing firms embrace talent acquisition technology and other staffing tech to enhance overall operations. It’s also important to look at technology for employee development, as well as support with coaching and collaboration through remote work.

#7.  Leadership Development

Today’s staffing leaders must have a working knowledge of an expanding range of disciplines, including the economy, generational differences, workplace culture, technology, change management, and so much more. Be sure to seek mentorship and development opportunities to become better equipped for these complex roles.

#8.  Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity in staffing will continue to shift from preventing breaches to risk mitigation, response, and adequate cyber insurance. This includes examining vulnerabilities in complicated tech stacks due in part to the increase in remote work.

#9.  Changing Regulations

The staffing industry could face major legislative changes in the areas of workplace safety, nurse staffing, health insurance, immigration, mandated leave, wages, taxes, and more. Staffing firms must lean on advocates, allies, and up-to-date insights to protect their ability to do business. Partner with vendors who understand the staffing industry.

#10.  Industry Image

How are we viewed as a business partner rather than a necessary evil? Staffing certification programs can deliver critical knowledge, credibility, and prestige to staffing professionals. Enhance your reputation by having strong safety and compliance programs, community involvement and volunteerism, and being involved in your local staffing chapters.

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