Shipping Invoice Template – Download

A shipping invoice, also referred to as a trucking or freight invoice, outlines the items being shipped and the charges for the shipping service. Trucking companies use the shipping invoice as a bill to give to their customers for their service.

Outlined below are 16 key elements you should include on your shipping invoice. To download the template, click here.
shipping invoice template

1. Company Logo

Include your logo on the shipping invoice. Not only does it look professional, but it will also help your trucking company create brand consistency.

2. Company Contact Information

Make sure your company name, full address and phone number are included. It is also recommended to include a website, email address and fax number. Both the company logo and your company contact information should be at the top of your shipping invoice.

3. Invoice Number

Use this number as a reference for your accounting department to help keep track of payments.

4. Date

Include the date the invoice was created.

5. Terms

Let your customers know when you expect payment. 30 days? 60 days?

6. Bill To Information

Include the company name, contact person’s name, full address and phone number. If you have it, also include a fax number, website and email address.

7. Ship To Information

Include the company name, contact person’s name, full address and phone number. Again, if you have a fax number, website or email address, include this information on the shipping invoice as well.

8. Details

Include the items you are shipping. You will want to include the quantity, description, unit price and total price for each line item. (The total price for each line will automatically calculate if you download our template.)

9. Subtotal

This is the total of all of the items being shipped. (Our template will automatically add up the total of the items.)

10. Tax and Miscellaneous Charges

Include a line item for taxes and miscellaneous charges. (Miscellaneous charges are explained in number 14.)

11. Total

This is the total of the items shipped, taxes and any miscellaneous charges. (Our shipping invoice template will add this up automatically for you.)

12. Payment

Did your customer pay for part of the invoice upfront? If so, include that amount on the invoice.

13. Amount Due

This is the invoice balance which includes all shipping fees, taxes, miscellaneous fees and deducts any payments made. (Our shipping invoice template will automatically calculate this number for you.)

14. Notes

If there are any special instructions about the shipment, include it in this section. It is also a good idea to detail the miscellaneous charges so the customer knows what they are for.

15. Payment Options

You want to get paid on your invoices, so let your customers know how to make the payment. Whether your customers are paying you directly or using a freight factoring company, be sure to let them know how to make a payment – mail, online, phone, etc.

16. Signature

Include a line for your customers to sign and with your terms so they know they are agreeing to the information and charges stated on the invoice.

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