Shorten the Placement Lifecycle Using this Simple Approach

Countless opportunities are lost during the recruiting lifecycle because we allow hiring managers to control the process. 

Outside of VMS, the most common method of submitting candidates to clients for consideration today is through email.  The problem with this passive approach is that we lose control of the next step.  It’s a flaw in the workflow.

The following scenario is all too common, costing us lost productivity and revenue: 

The recruiter submits a resume and waits for the hiring manager to respond.  The hiring manager (who has a day job and many other responsibilities) doesn’t respond right away.  In fact, depending on the urgency of filling the role, he may not even look at the resume for days.  And while the recruiter is patiently waiting, the candidate is interviewing for other positions.  By the time the hiring manager finally says he wants to see the candidate, the individual is no longer available, and the process starts all over again.

To avoid playing the waiting game, increase your firm’s submittal to interview rate, reduce the time-to-fill, and increase fill rates, adjust your workflow with this process:

Whoever takes the job order (salesperson or recruiter) is responsible for booking a 15-minute “Resume Review” video call with the hiring manager in the shortest time possible (typically 24-48 hours for most skills).  Be sure to send a calendar invitation to confirm.

At the scheduled time, present the candidate.  Screen-share and walk the hiring manager through why the individual is a good fit.  This process enables recruiters to “sell” the candidate by showcasing the candidates’ accomplishments.

During the call, ask for a confirmation from the hiring manager to interview (or pass).   If there is not a candidate ready to submit at the time of the call, don’t postpone or cancel it, use that time to provide an update on your search and any challenges you are encountering, giving the hiring manager an opportunity to modify requirements if needed.  The hiring manager leaves the call confident that the recruiter is diligently working on the position, which further establishes trust and credibility in your firm.

Maintain control of the job order with this easy approach, and watch sales grow!


Article written by:
Amy Bingham, Founder/CEO, Bingham Consulting


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