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Case Study
Growth with Payroll Funding

Case Study: Staffing Agency Grows Through Payroll Funding

October 12, 2017

We Helped a Staffing Agency Continue to Grow through Payroll Funding

The Challenge

An agency brought on several new clients within weeks of each other. To meet the demands, they had to double their staff. They exceeded their clients’ expectations, and more new clients followed. As they continued to bring on more staff to meet needs, they began to realize that payment was not coming fast enough to keep up with the increased payroll. They needed a cash-flow solution in addition to their bank line of credit, and fast.

payroll fundingThe Solution

Scale Funding set them up with a payroll funding program in just a few business days. With payroll funding, the company received funding on their invoices within 24 hours. Scale Funding immediately sent the completed invoices to their clients and did the waiting for payment. What’s more, Scale Funding handled all of the back-office support, including collections on their invoices, freeing up the agency’s resources to focus on operations and growth.

The Result

The agency has continued its upward path. They built a solid reputation and can retain the best talent because they have the resources they need to keep them. Through payroll funding with Scale Funding, the agency never has to worry about being able to meet payroll. Furthermore, with the free credit services that Scale Funding provides, the agency is confident in moving forward with the right kind of new customers. Not only did payroll funding solve cash-flow issues, but also solidified its ability to continue growth and expansion.

Want to Learn More?

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