Staffing Industry Trends January 2022

In December, the American Staffing Association reported the Staffing Index was over 100 for the thirteenth consecutive week. That sounds like momentum! As I’ve recently talked with our clients and other staffing owners, many have said, “We’ve got great momentum right now!”

What does that mean, and how do you get significant momentum? 


For quite some time, I’ve had a note taped to my computer monitor which reads:

Clarity + Focus + Repetition = Momentum!



Clearly define where you want to be. What do you want to achieve? Have you taken the time as a leader and team to set specific, attainable goals? Have those goals been communicated and embraced by the entire organization?


What actions do you need to take every single day to get there? How many outbound calls, submittals, and placements will it take to achieve those goals?  


Are you consistent with these actions, and are you tracking them daily or weekly?  


There’s no better time than the present to get that momentum going!

Cybersecurity Readiness

By: Norman Comstock, Managing Director, at UHY Consulting

Every week in the news, there are reports of companies that have experienced cyber-attacks. While you think it will never happen to you, there is a good chance it could.

Since most likely you are not an Information Technology (IT) expert, learn the six key questions you can use to have a discussion with your IT team about your current cybersecurity readiness.

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World Staffing Summit 2022 Sheri Tischer's ASA Spotlight

The World Staffing Summit is the largest virtual gathering of forward-thinking staffing leaders to exchange trends & ideas that will shape the future of the staffing industry.

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