Strategies for Marketing Your Staffing Agency Online

In today’s job market, staffing agencies need to pull out all the stops when it comes to building brand recognition and service reputation. There are many strategies for marketing your staffing agency online. Staying current on the most effective strategies will lead to success in attracting top talent and new customers.

The Benefits of Online Marketingsocial media platform strategies for marketing your staffing agency online

  • Marketing your staffing agency online allows you to reach potential customers in a variety of ways.
  • Online marketing is less costly than traditional forms of marketing.
  • It allows for targeted and personalized offers which add value to both the client and seller.
  • Online relationships can be leveraged for greater client retention capacity.

These benefits show the importance of digital marketing for your agency. Here are five proven strategies for marketing your staffing agency online.

1. Determine What, How, and Where

This is an idea popularized by ace digital and social media marketer Gary Vaynerchuk; a successful entrepreneur who grew his business from $3 million to $60 million via digital marketing.

What is your agency offering? There are probably many staffing agencies offering the same services as you. It’s crucial you recognize what sets you apart. What is your manifesto or mission? What value are you giving to the potential client who gives you a chance? In essence, what is unique about the candidates or service you offer?

How are you getting the information to your audience? Once you know what you are offering, then it is time to figure out how to get this information to the people. The internet allows different mediums of getting a message across; written word, images, video, or podcast.

Many people make a mistake when choosing how because there is a misconception that what is currently popular is the way to go. For instance, videos are very popular now, and many companies have jumped on the video bandwagon. However, videos will not work for everyone. The idea is to choose the medium that perfectly complements your agency.

There are different strategies for marketing your staffing agency online, depending on the platform.Where are you sharing your message? It might be a website, social media, or a blog. You need to understand who you are trying to reach and where they go online for information. Talking to your customers and prospects about their online activity will give valuable insight on where the audience you are targeting is active.

It’s common for companies to use multiple channels to spread their message. Be flexible with your message as what you share on one website or blog, may have an audience that is different than another. Target the audience with content that is relevant to them and creates interest in your services.

2. Leverage Social Media

Social media does not seem to be slowing down. According to Dreamgrow, there are 2.80 billion social media users globally. In 2018, a study determined that millennials engage with a brand socially at least once per month. It is no longer okay for your agency to merely exist on social media. To convert social media into clients, you must go a step further.

First, understand the audience using each social platform. People may only use one or two of the social platforms you target. Engaging with the people visiting your site makes a difference. Monitoring your social platforms for responses to content, or requests for more information should be a regular part of your workday.

Second, frequent posting of content is crucial. When a potential customer visits your page, a strong first impression will draw in the visitor. Posting content on a regular basis shows your agency is active and vibrant. Consistently posting new content motivates viewers to return again and again. A page or feed that isn’t updated or fresh has no appeal.

Finally, learn the rules of each social media platform. On Instagram, for example, influencers play a major role. Snapchat, on the other hand, caters to a specific demographic and your content on Snapchat must reflect this. It is never about a one for all content, but unique content fit for each social media platform.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves partnering with well-known personalities who have a large following, especially on social media. The influencer will then market your product to his or her audience for an agreed upon fee.Effective strategies for marketing your staffing agency include influencer marketing

Imagine, for instance, that your chosen influencer has 1 million followers on Instagram. That means anytime he/she markets your agency, an audience of a million people sees your content.

A word of caution though, choosing the right influencer is key. The influencer’s content must align with your own.

4. Learn About the Power of  SEO

When someone searches a service related to your agency on Google or any other search engine, you want one of your web pages to be among the results on the first page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of creating web content that will appear at the top of search engine results.

No matter if you manage the content on your website internally, or use a web management firm, it’s a good idea to understand the basic principles of SEO. Google Webmasters is an excellent place to learn the basics. As your knowledge of SEO grows, you can create and update content to big your audience and the credibility of your website.

5. The Growth of Video

The popularity of videos continues to grow. In 2017, video accounted for 72 percent of all web traffic. Statistics also state that YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Having quality video content is, therefore, a necessity for your agency.

Creating quality videos takes money and time. There is software available such as Adobe Premiere Pro which enables a user to create high-quality videos and self-publish them to their social pages. Another option is to hire an outside company to produce your videos. Many companies specialize in this field, and the cost of the video will depend on the type, content, and length of the video.

Remember video content is highly shareable, especially interesting, quality content. Shared content has a broad reach and will build your audience exponentially. Just like written content, a video should have a strong, specific message that appeals to your audience.

Strategies for Marketing Your Staffing Agency Online

Effective online marketing is a great way to build brand awareness and information about your staffing agency. Even if your traditional marketing methods are still showing value, online marketing will grow your audience and your business. Using these strategies for marketing your agency online will keep you ahead of the competition.

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