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Benefits Your Drivers Are Looking For

The Best Benefits for Your Drivers

December 22, 2017

Ensuring that your over-the-road drivers are happy is one of the most important parts of running a high-quality trucking company. One of the best ways to keep drivers happy: offering a wide range of benefits. By offering your drivers with above and beyond benefits, you demonstrate that you truly care about your driver’s welfare and value their efforts on the road.

Let’s talk about how to give your team unique benefits that go beyond health and dental care. Implementing these will depend on your available resources and the nature of your business, but each has the potential to create a stronger company with a happier, more loyal team of drivers.

The Benefits:

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Life Insurance

If you have employees that have children or spouses that depend on them for financial support, offering life insurance is especially important. Though nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, if anything should happen to your driver, the life insurance will provide a financial safety net for their dependents.

Home Time

Though how you provide home time will vary based on the nature of your company, this is an important benefit to your drivers. Ensure that your drivers have the time they need with their friends and family so that when they are on the job, they are ready and willing to put forward their best work.

Scheduled Pay Increases

By ensuring that your drivers know that your company has a pay raise schedule, your drivers have more of an incentive to remain loyal to your business. Make the schedule clear – if they work for x-number of months, they get a y-amount increase in pay – and be sure to stick to it. Having these scheduled pay raises gives drivers a reason to stick around and helps to reduce turnover.

Continued Training

Although your drivers are legally required to be licensed and certified, the training doesn’t have to stop there. According to CED Magazine, 70 percent of employees say that job-related training will influence their willingness to stay with the company. Training your drivers is important, and it doesn’t necessarily need to directly relate to driving! While safety and driving techniques should be covered, you can also offer training on work-life balance, time management, customer service or anything else you see fit. Well-trained employees will be happier, loyal and efficient going forward.

Wellness Programs:

As we all know, health and wellness have become one of the most important parts of being an over-the-road trucker. As a driver, finding healthy food and exercise opportunities can be incredibly challenging. Make it easier for your truckers to stay motivated by offering health and wellness programs. This may include rewards for healthy habits, wellness challenges, or compensation for gym memberships or exercise equipment.


Happy drivers lead to a better-run company. By providing your team with the best benefits possible, your turnover will decrease and productivity will soar.

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