Tips for Generating More Business

BusinessFor every trucking company, no matter how successful, keeping your trucks in moving is the most important part of your business. Unfortunately, this means that when business is slow, it is imperative that the finding of new customers becomes a top priority. Successful trucking companies have the ability to turn these short-term filler deals into long-term partnerships.

Don’t wait for business to slow down to start looking for new customers – sudden customer additions will disrupt your shipping schedule. Use the following tips to maintain a steady stream of business for your trucking business.

Tips to Keep Your Trucks Moving

  1. Build and Maintain Strong Relationships with Customers

This tip is important to keep in mind with current clients as well as with new and prospective customers, as well. By ensuring that your current customers are happy with your service, you can count on them sticking around. In fact, it has been estimated that keeping your current customers onboard and satisfied with your business is significantly more efficient and cost-effective than attempting to find new ones.

This also applies to new customers. By making it obvious that you are putting your best effort forward, new and prospective clients are more likely to continue to use your service. To do this, make sure that you are keeping in touch with your customers, asking if they are satisfied and if not, what you can do to fix the problem(s). By doing this, you will increase your customer retention and limit how often the search for new customers is necessary.

  1. Make Your Important Qualities Known

No trucking company is perfect. As nice as it would be, it is impossible to be the perfect company for every client. Your business, just like any other, has its strengths and weaknesses. However, by illuminating your company’s strong points and communicating the weaker qualities, your customers will get exactly what they expect, leaving them satisfied.

So, what factors set your company apart from the competition? Here are some common selling points that you may want to highlight:

  • The best possible shipping rates
  • Superior reliability
  • Expertise with specific kinds of trucking
  • Extended knowledge of a region
  • Experience in serving a certain industry

By highlighting your best qualities, your customers can use your services most effectively, leaving them satisfied.

  1. Create/Boost Your Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is imperative in this day and age. By having things like a website, active social media accounts, and an interesting blog, you are making yourself visible to tremendous amounts of potential customers that you otherwise would have no way of accessing. Think of your online presence as a sort of resume; it won’t get you the job but may present you with opportunities.

Tell your business’ story and illuminate its expertise by posting well-written blogs and publishing them to your different online platforms. When done properly, this new or improved online presence will land you more leads and make the hassle of finding new customers far easier.

  1. Ask for Referrals

If you have a group of customers that have been loyal and are satisfied with your service, it is more than likely that they would be willing to provide you with a positive referral. If your customers know someone who is looking for a shipping service, ask that they refer you to them. You can even consider offering a referral discount to any client that brings you in new business.

  1. Set Aside Time to Find New Customers

Whether you are in desperate need of new customers or are comfortable with the client list that you have, it is important that you set aside time to do an appropriate amount of searching for new customers. This can be especially difficult when you are busy, but staying on top of the customer search can save you from a crisis down the road. By allocating the proper amount of time, energy and resources to getting new business, you can increase your revenue, stability and if it’s done well, even expand your business.

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