Top 10 Websites for Owner-Operators and Small Trucking Companies

Owner-Operators and small trucking companies benefit from the wide variety of resources available on the internet. The top 10 websites for owner-operators and small trucking companies offer a range of services useful for managing a trucking business. Here are 10 websites every trucking company operator should bookmark.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the starting point for all things trucking. All carriers subject to safety and commercial regulations must register online with the FMCSA to obtain their USDOT number and operating authority. The website is self-service and easy to use. Additionally, there are helpful links and phone numbers which provide assistance with registrations and renewals.

Energy Information Administration

This is another useful government website. Fleet operators and drivers can visit eia.gov to learn the latest on fuel prices throughout the country. The EIA updates their pricing table every Monday afternoon. Monitoring fuel prices by region is helpful when booking loads and lanes, especially in areas of high congestion and traffic.


As wireless networks grow, so does the ability to conduct business digitally. HubTran is a leading technology company used by 1,000’s of fleets to electronically invoice their customers. HubTran offers digital solutions for trucking companies of all sizes. By automating key processes such as invoicing, carriers can manage their billing and accounts receivables much more efficiently.


DAT is the leading load board and freight information resource in the United States. Subscribers of DAT have access to loads, as well as information on rates, and resources on market updates, trends, and operating guides.

American Truck Bookkeeping Service (ATBS)

If you are in need of key bookkeeping, tax, accounting, and consulting services for owner-operators or start-ups, look no further than ATBS. ATBS has truckloads of information and guides to assist owner-operators and small fleets in navigating the road to success.top trucking websites

The Hatch Agency

Since 1980, the Hatch Agency has specialized in all aspects of trucking insurance. Over 3,000 trucking companies use the Hatch Agency for insurance coverage. They offer both owner-operator and fleet insurance programs including Primary Liability, Physical Damage, Cargo, Non-Trucking Liability, Worker’s Compensation, and more.

Fleet-Tech Transportation Services

Fleet-Tech Transportation Services, also known as FTS, is a fuel card provider used by many owner-operators and small fleets. FTS is accepted at over 5,000 truck stops and gives cardholders the buying power of large fleets, with competitive fuel discounts at over 1,900 truck stops such as Pilot/Flying J, TravelCenters of America, Petro, and others.

The Trucker

The Trucker is the go-to site for all news, information, and issues affecting the trucking industry. On The Trucker website you will find news, business advice, truck driving job listings, and resources to keep on top of the happenings out on the road. In addition to the website, The Trucker publishes a print and digital newspaper, email newsletter, and daily video update.

Scale Funding

Scale Funding is a factoring company with over 25 years experience serving small and mid-size trucking companies. At Scale Funding, we offer customized trucking factoring programs designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Factoring with Scale Funding helps carriers to keep moving forward and reach their goal.

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